Only athletes should use the TFL journey planner

Planning a journey from Brimsdown station, I’m told I should be able to walk about 1.5Km in 5 minutes.

5 minutes is the time that a train takes to get from Brimsdown to Enfield Lock. On foot it would be something like 25-35 minutes. And no, there isn’t a train at 09:42.

Curiously, if you ask for a walking route between the two stations, it uses a different route and gets it right:

Hi @harry

Apologies for the delay in response.

I can’t seem to replicate the issue - can you please advise if you are using any preferences beyond the defaults?



According to my browser cache, the search was performed at 12:53 on 10th June for a journey from Brimsdown to Uxbridge on 19th June. The URL was

Unfortunately, using that URL today just ignores the 19th June date and plans a journey starting “about now”.

I tried editing the date to 20190703 (a Wednesday, to make the search as similar as possible to the original) but did not get the original results.

So its looking as if the problem is no longer reproducible.