Passenger flow of buses


I want to know how I can get the passenger flows of each bus route or the passenger flows of each bus stop.


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It depends on what you mean by “flow”. TfL only records passengers boarding buses.

However, I understand that both Google Maps (Business Profile Performance API  |  Google Business Profile APIs  |  Google for Developers) and certain mobile companies can records “busyness” data - Reports API | Vonage but not for free.

Thank you very much! So how can I get the data of passengers boarding buses from TfL? I didn’t see that before.

Thank you!

Let’s ping @jamesevans and @LeonByford from TfL to see if there is version you can access.

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Thank you very much! :blush:

I think it may be a subset of the Oyster tap data, but not really my specialist subject. I’ll discuss it with @LeonByford and @SarahLS further and let you know.

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Thank you for your reply!

Hi @vicki,

I’ll be able to look into this this for you with our internal teams, and whether the data you require is available/can be shared publicly or made available as open data.

Please would it be possible to confirm exactly what your data requirements are? ie. no. passengers for entire route, no. boarding/alighting per stop - particular time period?

In the meantime, in case it is helpful, some bus-related performance data can be found on this page: Buses performance data - Transport for London

(TfL Open Data team)

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for looking into these data for me. They are very helpful for me!

I can confirm that I need the following data:

  1. The bus sequences for the following specific dates: 6 April 2018, 5 April 2019, 3 April 2020, 2 April 2021, 1 April 2022, 31 March 2023.
  2. The number of passengers for each bus route over the past ten years (I can get them from the data you provided), ideally broken down by quarter or month.
  3. Additionally, if possible, the number of passengers boarding at each bus stop over the past ten years, also broken down by quarter or month.

I appreciate your assistance and the provided link to the bus performance data. This will be very helpful.

Thanks again

Hi again @vicki

Sorry for taking a while to reply on this - some good news… We launched a new static open dataset - ‘BUSTO’ yesterday, some of the info that you require relating to bus flow can be found there.

NOTE: BUSTO provides an estimate of boardings, alightings and loadings on a typical day on TfL’s bus network - broken down by bus route across different time segments etc.

Full info, where to download + link to comprehensive User Guide for BUSTO can be found on ‘Our Open Data’ page under ‘Network statistics

I would suggest an FoI request for your remaining (other/historical) data requirements.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sarah!

Thank you very much! It’s very useful for me!

Thanks again