Platform data in Journey planner

Hi There,

From what I can tell the Journey Planner only provides platform and stopLetter data for Bus stops. However for Tube stations the platform data is always returned empty. Is there any reason for this and can this be incorporated into the Unified API?



There’s problem with Tube Stations numbers:

  • At large stations, this often coincide with platform numbers with the numbers used for the trains. A good example of this is Waterloo which has two platforms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Some stations don’t number their tube platforms for the public. For example, at West Ham the “cut & cover” lines are “westbound” and “eastbound” on the signs, so knowing the platform number is unhelpful.
  • There are places (not many) where more than one platform is served by the train doors opening both sides. Westbound Central line trains at Stratford stop at platform 3 and 3A.
  • Then there is Acton Town. The mind boggles at an explanation of where to change trains…