Poor Met Arrivals Data

Looking at Met line stations through the unified API. For some reason hardly any trains are being reported, and those that are being reported seem to drop off early before they are get to the arrivals station.

This appears to be affecting the TfL website as well.

Conversely, the Legacy API appears to be showing trains reasonably accurately, including those which are missing from the Unified API.

Could somebody investigate and see whether there is a problem with arrivals on the Met line in the Unified API please?

Hi @Weezer,

We have a defect at the moment that means we can’t consume predictions where the Set ID is “000”. Although this is normally quite rare, I have confirmed with the team that look after the source data system that there is an issue with the Set ID dropping off when the train hits Northwick Park (northbound).

They are currently investigating and we are also looking at the “000” issue in our next development sprint.


Thanks James, that good to know.