Possible missing data from W&C CUF file

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First of all, many thanks to everyone on here for their advice, assistance and tips, it really is an excellent resource.

This is very possibly an oversight on my part, however, I’ve recently started using CUF files in order to compile ‘long-term timetables’, and when Using the Waterloo & City line CUF files (WT7), I’ve noticed that it only contains data for Monday to Friday and not Saturdays. Should this data be included or would the Traffic Circular/Timetable Notice files be the place to go, as I’ve noticed these do include Saturday running for short periods.

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The Waterloo and City line is closed due to CV19, so there isn’t any service at the moment.

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Perhaps I’m misreading this, but I was under the impression that the CUF files (http://timetables.data.tfl.gov.uk) were long-term and didn’t take into account temporary changes?



You are correct, that changes to the daily timetables (“working timetables”) are done by the line controllers to reflect necessary changes to the timetable to deal with either equipment failure or problems with the permanent way.

This is also combined with a need for the legal interfaces between the various part of the system being able to require payments or refunds based on performance measures.

Also, there are many problems with declaring that a railway station “is closed” which date back to the Victorian Era.

It does seem that this current crisis has required the rules to be … reinterpreted. For example, there has been move to call the tube stations with only lifts that have been closed for a while to be called “closed” rather than “part closed”. The classic example of this is Newhaven Marine station.

So, under normal circumstances, if the W&C was closed due to having no staff to run it, or broken trains (which has happned), then the timetable is still in place, but the service suspended.

At the moment, the whole service has been withdrawn using the powers under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. This is not the normal situations.

Even Google have had to change this databases to deal with this problem…

Currently, the Places API and Places Library, Maps Javascript API in their PlaceResult object return permanently_closed=true in response to: Place Details, Find Place, Nearby Search and Text Search when a business place is temporary or permanently closed.
We have deprecated this property because it does not allow us to distinguish between a place that is closed on a temporary basis and one that is closed permanently.
The property has been replaced by the property business_status with values {OPERATIONAL, CLOSED_TEMPORARILY,CLOSED_PERMANENTLY} , which is returned in response to Place Details, Find Place, Nearby Search and Text Search requests.

So this issue isn’t just restricted to TfL

Thanks for an excellently detailed explanation. Much appreciated @briantist.

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Waterloo and city doesn’t run on weekends


Before CV-19 it had run on Saturdays for quite some time.

http://content.tfl.gov.uk/wtt-7-waterloo-and-city-9-october-2017.pdf page 2

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Wow I really should have paid more attention. I always thought it closed on weekends lol

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My mum would say…

‘Well, you know what Thought did. Followed a muck cart and thought it was a wedding’ :rofl:

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