Possible response codes

Would I ever recieve a response code of 300 when using

https://api.tfl.gov.uk/Line/{linechoice}/Status ?

hi @Ja123

In theory no as lineId is a unique value.


Thats what i was thinking, just wanted to make sure. Thank you.

To add on, when using the Journey API and my parameters are stationid’s and corresponding naptan codes could i recieve a response code of 300?

Hi, if your parameters are naptanIds/AtcoCodes (e.g. 940GZZLUSJP) or icsCodes (e.g. 1000221), then those represent specific stations and so you shouldn’t receive a 300 response.

Understood, and does every station on the underground have an ics code?

Yes, that’s right. icsCode is essentially the Journey Planner ID for a station. If you make a JourneyResults request through the Unified API and specify a code like 940GZZLUSJP, we actually translate that to the icsCode value before planning the journey.

Makes sense, thank you got my code all working now.

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