Predictions for Route 20

It’s seems theres no predictions for route 183

Looks Ok this morning.

183 is the Heinz of bus routes with what seems like 57 varieties of schedule to cover school days, JFS School days, days of week and so on. I can see a lot of scope for confusion and thus mismatch. That is just speculation of course; it might simply be that a wider problem with the route was sorted overnight.

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Actually the 183 schedules would have changed overnight. Although that renders my speculation redundant I suppose that whatever was wrong yesterday could reoccur with the new schedules.

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Ah yes, i see 183 has came back.

For what it is worth (not much now), I suspect that the problem with 9 and N9 was that the post-Aldwych schedules loaded incorrectly included the frequency reductions due to come into effect the following weekend, creating a mismatch with what was actually being operated.