Problems with 60 rail/tube /StopPoint/ not having any bus stops


I’ve just checked though the 556 locations of tube/Overground/National Rail stations in Greater London and I’ve found there are 60 with no bus stops allocated to them.

OK, some of them are hard to do such as Bethnal Green Overground, but Clapham High Street station has two bus stops NAMED that way " Clapham North & High Street Stations (Stop G)". Well ALMOST named that way, the second Clapham is assumed.

I’ve checked a few and Haggerston, Clapham North, Haggerston and Shepherds Bush Market have clearly defined bus stops…!

AYP Albany Park
ZAS All Saints
BBL Bat & Ball
BGM Bellingham
BVD Belvedere
BET Bethnal Green Overground
BIK Birkbeck
ZBG Bounds Green
BOP Bowes Park
CFB Catford Bridge
CTN Charlton
CLP Clapham High Street
ZCN Clapham North
CWH Crews Hill
DGC Denham Golf Club
DEP Deptford
DYP Drayton Park
ELW Eltham
ERH Erith
FOH Forest Hill
HCB Hackbridge
HGG Haggerston
HDH Hampstead Heath
HMN Homerton
KLY Kenley
KCK Knockholt
LOF London Fields
ZMV Maida Vale
MZH Maze Hill
ZMP Moor Park
MTL Mortlake
ZNP Newbury Park
NSH North Sheen
NLT Northolt Park
OTF Otford
PET Petts Wood
ZPL Poplar
ZPD Prince Regent
ZPM Pudding Mill Lane
PUO Purley Oaks
REC Rectory Road
RDD Riddlesdown
ZSB Shepherds Bush Market
SEH Shoreham (Kent)
SLV Silver Street
SGR Slade Green
SOH South Hampstead
ZSQ South Quay
SBU Southbury
ZSW Southwark
SAJ St Johns (London)
STW Strawberry Hill
SYH Sydenham Hill
TED Teddington
WMW Walthamstow Queens Road
WAE Waterloo East
WWI West Wickham
ZLW Whitechapel
WMP Wimbledon Park
WIH Winchmore Hill

I suspect this is just missing data input at the TfL end. Any chance someone could spend an afternoon with Google Maps and pop the bus stops into the StopPoint data please?


SRA Straford doesn’t have any of the Stratford City Bus Station stops listed, even though they are part of the station…

Here’s what I think they should be (hand edited list!)

AYP,Albany Park,490009613A,17,Stop A Longmead Drive / Albany Park ,48,51.43486,0.126659
BBL,Bat and Ball,2400103929,0,adj Bat and Ball Railway Station ,51,51.288843,0.193309
BBL,Bat and Ball,2400A060390R,0,o/s Bat and Ball Railway Station ,70,51.289631,0.193978
BBL,Bat and Ball,2400A006290A,0,nr Bat and Ball Railway Station ,134,51.287809,0.194264
BET,Bethnal Green,490000022C,0,Stop C Bethnal Green Station ,396,51.526883,-0.055636
BET,Bethnal Green,490000022D,0,Stop D Bethnal Green Station ,419,51.527466,-0.056649
BET,Bethnal Green,490000022B,0,Stop B Bethnal Green Station ,488,51.527404,-0.054547
BET,Bethnal Green,490000022A,0,Stop A Bethnal Green Station ,533,51.528133,-0.055107
BGM,Bellingham,490003852A,0,Stop BB Bellingham Road ,185,51.432575,-0.017418
BGM,Bellingham,490003852B,0,Stop BQ Bellingham Road ,194,51.433928,-0.017632
BIK,Birkbeck,490001027BB,0,Stop BB Birkbeck Station ,206,51.404837,-0.056346
BIK,Birkbeck,490001027BA,0,Stop BA Birkbeck Station ,242,51.405154,-0.056476
BOP,Bowes Park,490010729E,,Stop BC Palace Road ,285,51.606004,-0.122804
BOP,Bowes Park,490010729F,,Stop BL Palace Road ,296,51.60535,-0.122355
BOP,Bowes Park,490000028D,,Stop BB Bounds Green Station ,326,51.607555,-0.123636
BVD,Belvedere,490003880A,13,Stop H Lower Road / Belvedere Station ,156,51.490607,0.152287
BVD,Belvedere,490003880B,13,Stop C Lower Road / Belvedere Station ,188,51.49056,0.153408
BVD,Belvedere,490015147S2,19,Stop E Picardy Manorway / Belvedere Station ,261,51.491857,0.15576
BVD,Belvedere,490015147D,19,Stop F Picardy Manorway / Belvedere Station ,277,51.491378,0.155867
CFB,Catford Bridge,490004862S,10,Stop S Catford & Catford Bridge Stations ,42,51.444346,-0.023758
CFB,Catford Bridge,490004862R,10,Stop R Catford & Catford Bridge Stations ,48,51.444424,-0.024114
CFB,Catford Bridge,490001054N,0,Stop N Catford Bridge Station ,70,51.444547,-0.024497
CFB,Catford Bridge,490001053M,10,Stop M Catford & Catford Bridge Stations ,72,51.44459,-0.024409
CFB,Catford Bridge,490001053P,10,Stop P Catford & Catford Bridge Stations ,83,51.444693,-0.023541
CFB,Catford Bridge,490001054AA,0,Stop AA Catford Bridge Station ,113,51.445009,-0.024189
CLP,Clapham High Street,490000051B,,Stop L Clapham North & High Street Stns ,98,51.464115,-0.131987
CLP,Clapham High Street,490000051G,,Stop G Clapham Nth & High Street Stns ,130,51.464966,-0.130124
CLP,Clapham High Street,490000051F,,Stop F Clapham North & High Street Stns ,144,51.465008,-0.129921
CTN,Charlton,490020092N,0,Stop Charlton Stn  Charlton Ch La ,171,51.48713,0.031675
CTN,Charlton,490001058N,0,Stop Charlton Stn  / Charlton Church Lane ,176,51.48724,0.031565
CTN,Charlton,490001058H,0,Stop H Charlton Stn  / Charlton Church Lane ,185,51.487385,0.031485
CTN,Charlton,490001058J,0,Stop J Charlton Stn  / Charlton Church Lane ,189,51.487336,0.031684
CTN,Charlton,490001058F,0,Stop F Charlton Station  / Woolwich Road ,289,51.488078,0.032495
CTN,Charlton,490001058E,0,Stop E Charlton Station / Woolwich Road ,326,51.48837,0.032767
CWH,Crews Hill,490005763E,0,Stop Crews Hill  The Plough ,348,51.683689,-0.100975
CWH,Crews Hill,490005763W,0,Stop Crews Hill  The Plough ,365,51.683425,-0.100798
DEP,Deptford,490005733J,0,Stop J Deptford Church Street / Creek Road ,313,51.480069,-0.022948
DEP,Deptford,490002029P,0,Stop P Deptford Bridge ,320,51.475573,-0.023517
DEP,Deptford,490006051E,0,Stop E Deptford High Street ,329,51.47517,-0.027365
DEP,Deptford,490002029N,0,Stop N Deptford Bridge ,337,51.475506,-0.023246
DEP,Deptford,490006050C,0,Stop C Deptford High Street ,368,51.481245,-0.024986
DEP,Deptford,490002029S,0,Stand S Deptford Bridge ,435,51.474609,-0.022867
DEP,Deptford,490006050A,0,Stop A Deptford High Street ,437,51.481793,-0.027626
DEP,Deptford,490002029T,0,Stop T Deptford Bridge Station ,444,51.474417,-0.023193
DEP,Deptford,490002029W,0,Stop Y Deptford Bridge ,470,51.474456,-0.022313
DGC,Denham Golf Club,40000001350,,o/s Community Centre ,181,51.578524,-0.515906
DGC,Denham Golf Club,40000001352,,NW-bound Tilehouse Lane ,796,51.578127,-0.505888
DYP,Drayton Park,490009224Z,,Stop SZ Liverpool Road ,416,51.55121,-0.110276
DYP,Drayton Park,490009224Y,,Stop SV Liverpool Road ,424,51.550728,-0.109921
DYP,Drayton Park,490000333Z,,->S Highbury Barn ,430,51.55294,-0.09878
ELW,Eltham,490001097D,0,Stop D Eltham Station  / Sherard Road ,60,51.455216,0.051215
ELW,Eltham,490001097C,0,Stop C Eltham Station  / Sherard Road ,75,51.455273,0.051016
ELW,Eltham,490006532K,0,Stop Eltham Station  / Lassa Road ,99,51.454216,0.051314
ELW,Eltham,490006532E,0,Stop E Eltham Station  / Lassa Road ,140,51.45377,0.051597
ERH,Erith,490006615L,0,Stop L Erith Station  / West Street ,376,51.482518,0.17884
FOH,Forest Hill,490001112E,0,Stop E Forest Hill Station  / Dartmouth Road ,120,51.438846,-0.054082
FOH,Forest Hill,490001112F,0,Stop F Forest Hill Station  / Devonshire Road ,186,51.439613,-0.053704
FOH,Forest Hill,490001112B,0,Stop B Forest Hill Station  / London Road ,189,51.439341,-0.05468
FOH,Forest Hill,490001112D,0,Stop D Forest Hill Station  / London Road ,214,51.439376,-0.055153
HCB,Hackbridge,490007616N,0,Stop B Hackbridge Corner / Hackbridge Station ,239,51.378674,-0.155154
HCB,Hackbridge,490007616C,0,Stop C Hackbridge Corner / Hackbridge Station ,421,51.380467,-0.155413
HDH,Hampstead Heath,490012280A,,Stop A South End Green ,33,51.554704,-0.164961
HDH,Hampstead Heath,490012280N,,Stop X South End Green ,84,51.554392,-0.165709
HDH,Hampstead Heath,490012280B,,Stop B South End Green ,84,51.554268,-0.164705
HGG,Haggerston,490006170S1,0,Stop KK Haggerston Station ,62,51.53866,-0.076707
HGG,Haggerston,490006170S,0,Stop KJ Haggerston Station  / Downham Road ,68,51.538542,-0.07664
HGG,Haggerston,490006170N1,0,Stop KE Haggerston Station ,125,51.538024,-0.076892
HMN,Homerton,490016757N,18,Stop HB Brooksby's Walk / Homerton Station ,515,51.549581,-0.042711
HMN,Homerton,490016742S,0,Stop HA Homerton Hospital / Wardle Street ,525,51.549059,-0.043772
KCK,Knockholt,2400A034610A,0,opp Knockholt Railway Station ,84,51.345118,0.131189
KCK,Knockholt,2400A034660A,0,adj Knockholt Railway Station ,140,51.345166,0.131996
KLY,Kenley,490020218,0,->S Kenley Station ,63,51.32418,-0.100146
KLY,Kenley,490020218N,0,->N Kenley Station ,81,51.324685,-0.101374
KLY,Kenley,490013437W,4,Stop N The Kenley Hotel / Kenley Station ,189,51.3256,-0.100088
KLY,Kenley,490013437S,4,Stop C The Kenley Hotel / Kenley Station ,219,51.325961,-0.100719
LOF,London Fields,490014373LC,,Stop LC Mare Street / Well Street ,113,51.540568,-0.055529
LOF,London Fields,490012462N,,Stop LQ St Thomas's Square ,142,51.541715,-0.055307
LOF,London Fields,490012462Z,,Stop LU St Thomas's Square ,168,51.541991,-0.055165
MTL,Mortlake,490010046W,13,Stop B Sheen Lane / Mortlake Station ,184,51.469608,-0.265363
MTL,Mortlake,490010046E,13,Stop A Sheen Lane / Mortlake Station ,245,51.469906,-0.264243
MTL,Mortlake,490012045E,0,Stop E Mortlake Station ,249,51.465846,-0.266975
MTL,Mortlake,490012045F,0,Stop F Mortlake Station ,313,51.465222,-0.266739
MZH,Maze Hill,490009754K,17,Stop H Trafalgar Road / Maze Hill ,266,51.484162,0.001368
MZH,Maze Hill,490009754G,17,Stop G Trafalgar Road / Maze Hill ,271,51.483635,0.000107
NLT,Northolt Park,490003203B,,Stop NJ Station Parade ,187,51.558093,-0.361062
NLT,Northolt Park,490005952S,,Stop NK Danemead Grove ,198,51.556002,-0.361368
NLT,Northolt Park,490005952N,,Stop NB Danemead Grove ,216,51.556024,-0.361699
NSH,North Sheen,490006377SD,13,Stop SD Manor Road / North Sheen Station ,370,51.461804,-0.287469
NSH,North Sheen,490006377SE,13,Stop SE Manor Road / North Sheen Station ,437,51.461641,-0.289274
OTF,Otford,2400A029750A,0,opp Otford Railway Station ,54,51.313389,0.196474
OTF,Otford,2400103995,0,adj Otford Railway Station ,136,51.313765,0.197525
PET,Petts Wood,490001226A,15,Stop A West Approach  Petts Wood Station ,64,51.388492,0.073512
PET,Petts Wood,490001226AP,15,Stand West Approach  Petts Wood Station ,77,51.388566,0.073372
PET,Petts Wood,490010976C,12,Stop C Queensway / Petts Wood Station ,115,51.388711,0.072803
PET,Petts Wood,490010976B,12,Stop B Queensway / Petts Wood Station ,129,51.388926,0.072885
PET,Petts Wood,490015388D,17,Stop D Station Square / Petts Wood Station ,138,51.389235,0.074236
PUO,Purley Oaks,490013603N,0,Stop GB Purley Oaks Station ,301,51.348714,-0.101358
PUO,Purley Oaks,490013603C,0,Stop GM Purley Oaks Station ,350,51.34982,-0.100235
RDD,Riddlesdown,490011570B,0,Stop B Riddlesdown School / Riddlesdown Stn ,183,51.330357,-0.098972
RDD,Riddlesdown,490011570A,0,Stop A Riddlesdown School / Riddlesdown Stn ,186,51.330366,-0.098455
REC,Rectory Road,490006961N,0,->N Rectory Road / Downs Road ,222,51.556011,-0.068271
REC,Rectory Road,490015168L,0,Stop L Rectory Road / Brooke Road ,245,51.559774,-0.070103
SAJ,St Johns,490013890W,16,Stop SL Tyrwhitt Road / St Johns Station ,152,51.467632,-0.022953
SBU,Southbury,490005843E,13,Stop S Crown Road / Southbury Station ,166,51.649057,-0.054706
SBU,Southbury,490006576A,21,Stop A Enfield Bus Garage / Southbury Station ,175,51.648822,-0.050842
SBU,Southbury,490006576B,21,Stop B Enfield Bus Garage / Southbury Station ,199,51.648643,-0.050315
SEH,Shoreham,2400A060370R,,o/s Railway Station ,113,51.331774,0.189586
SEH,Shoreham,2400A008450A,,Stop A Railway Station ,120,51.331862,0.189705
SEH,Shoreham,2400A008440A,,Stop B Railway Station ,135,51.33201,0.189942
SGR,Slade Green,490001252C,15,Stop C Howbury Lane / Slade Green Station ,22,51.466882,0.190261
SGR,Slade Green,490001252B,17,Stop B Whitehall Lane / Slade Green Station ,38,51.467337,0.190009
SGR,Slade Green,490001252N,14,->N Forest Road / Slade Green Station ,88,51.467609,0.190814
SGR,Slade Green,490001252A,14,Stop A Forest Road / Slade Green Station ,91,51.467664,0.190759
SLV,Silver Street,490003324A,15,Stop A Angel Corner / Silver Street Station ,448,51.61458,-0.065555
SLV,Silver Street,490003324B,15,Stop B Angel Corner / Silver Street Station ,448,51.614741,-0.065533
SOH,South Hampstead,490009371Y,0,Stop Y South Hampstead Station  / Loudoun Road ,197,51.541479,-0.180736
SOH,South Hampstead,490009371W,0,Stop L South Hampstead Station  / Loudoun Road ,226,51.541271,-0.181235
STW,Strawberry Hill,490012913N,0,->N Strawberry Hill Road ,227,51.437014,-0.338278
STW,Strawberry Hill,490012913E,0,->E Strawberry Hill Road ,328,51.43612,-0.337994
SYH,Sydenham Hill,490014532S1,0,Stop L Sydenham Hill / Bluebell Close ,662,51.427289,-0.074166
TED,Teddington,490013178H,0,Stop H Teddington Police Station ,211,51.425029,-0.334556
TED,Teddington,490013178G,0,Stop G Teddington Police Station ,222,51.424925,-0.334833
WAE,Waterloo East,490011890E,,Stop Sandell Street/Waterloo Station ,191,51.503737,-0.110728
WAE,Waterloo East,490000254D,,Stop D Waterloo Station   / Waterloo Road ,218,51.502981,-0.110687
WAE,Waterloo East,490000254QA,,Stop C Waterloo Station / Waterloo Road ,235,51.503013,-0.111003
WIH,Winchmore Hill,490014753N,0,->N Winchmore Hill / The Green ,233,51.633993,-0.102964
WIH,Winchmore Hill,490014753S,0,->S Winchmore Hill / The Green ,283,51.634714,-0.103021
WIH,Winchmore Hill,490014753E,0,->SE Winchmore Hill / The Green ,291,51.634699,-0.103195
WMP,Wimbledon Park,490014736S2,0,Stop H Wimbledon Park / Arthur Road ,216,51.434788,-0.196157
WMP,Wimbledon Park,490014736S1,0,Stop R Wimbledon Park / Arthur Road ,282,51.436109,-0.196738
WMW,Walthamstow Queens Road,490011979M,,Stop M Selborne Walk ,197,51.582546,-0.024378
WMW,Walthamstow Queens Road,490011979E,,Stop P Selborne Walk ,199,51.582764,-0.02343
WMW,Walthamstow Queens Road,490011979Z,,Stop Q Homerton Hospital ,203,51.582777,-0.023661
WWI,West Wickham,490001334D,17,Stop D Red Lodge Road / West Wickham Station ,91,51.381511,-0.012986
WWI,West Wickham,490001334C,17,Stop C Red Lodge Road / West Wickham Station ,94,51.381629,-0.013096
WWI,West Wickham,490001334A,17,Stop A Beckenham Road / West Wickham Station ,124,51.380228,-0.015297
WWI,West Wickham,490001334B,15,Stop B Station Road / West Wickham Station ,175,51.379437,-0.014254
ZAS,All Saints,490011107G,9,Stop G Poplar / All Saints Church ,25,51.510896,-0.012318
ZAS,All Saints,490011107H,9,Stop H Poplar / All Saints Church ,50,51.510995,-0.011276
ZAS,All Saints,490011107Z,9,Stop Z Poplar / All Saints Church ,55,51.510842,-0.01124
ZBG,Bounds Green,490000028A,0,Stop BA Bounds Green Station ,39,51.60704,-0.124567
ZBG,Bounds Green,490000028D,0,Stop BB Bounds Green Station ,67,51.607555,-0.123636
ZBG,Bounds Green,490000028B,0,Stop BM Bounds Green Station ,98,51.607268,-0.125352
ZBG,Bounds Green,490000028C,0,Stop BN Bounds Green Station ,121,51.608058,-0.123586
ZCN,Clapham North,490000051D,0,Stop D Clapham North Station ,77,51.464681,-0.129185
ZCN,Clapham North,490000051N1,0,Stop Clapham North Station ,83,51.464652,-0.12959
ZCN,Clapham North,490000051F,0,Stop F Clapham North & High Street Stns ,129,51.465008,-0.129921
ZCN,Clapham North,490000051B,0,Stop L Clapham North & High Street Stns ,207,51.464115,-0.131987
ZLW,Whitechapel,490000268C,0,Stop C Whitechapel Station ,24,51.519156,-0.058761
ZLW,Whitechapel,490009873D,0,Stop B Whitechapel Stn   / Royal London Hosp ,49,51.519417,-0.058779
ZLW,Whitechapel,490013541A,0,Stop A Whitechapel Stn  / Royal London Hosp ,99,51.518923,-0.060429
ZMP,Moor Park,2.10022E+11,0,o/s Moor Park Station ,147,51.629541,-0.433938
ZMV,Maida Vale,490006475A,15,Stop A Elgin Avenue / Maida Vale Station ,173,51.530443,-0.18406
ZMV,Maida Vale,490006475B,15,Stop B Elgin Avenue / Maida Vale Station ,297,51.531666,-0.185265
ZNP,Newbury Park,490000154A,0,Stand NA Newbury Park Station ,74,51.575602,0.090446
ZNP,Newbury Park,490000154S,0,Stop Newbury Park Station ,85,51.575624,0.090707
ZNP,Newbury Park,490000154B,0,Stop NB Newbury Park Station ,127,51.575101,0.091823
ZPD,Prince Regent,490015386E,0,Stop K Prince Regent Station ,104,51.509931,0.032977
ZPD,Prince Regent,490011204Q,0,Stop Q Prince Regent Bus Station ,130,51.509551,0.034661
ZPD,Prince Regent,490011204S,0,Stop S Prince Regent Bus Station ,148,51.509555,0.034949
ZPD,Prince Regent,490011204R,0,Stop R Prince Regent Bus Station ,158,51.509452,0.035161
ZPD,Prince Regent,490011204W,0,Stop Prince Regent Bus Station ,162,51.509569,0.035152
ZPD,Prince Regent,490011204T,0,Stop T Prince Regent Bus Station ,170,51.509494,0.035321
ZPL,Poplar,490011114AD,0,Stop E Poplar Recreation Ground ,440,51.510941,-0.016568
ZPL,Poplar,490011114BC,0,Stop D Poplar Recreation Grd / Poplar Stn ,453,51.511035,-0.017861
ZPM,Pudding Mill Lane,490009695MA,,Stop W Marshgate Lane ,327,51.531281,-0.0112
ZPM,Pudding Mill Lane,490002119Y,,->S Sidings Street ,378,51.536912,-0.01019
ZPM,Pudding Mill Lane,490002119Z,,->N Sidings Street ,391,51.537084,-0.010298
ZSB,Shepherd's Bush Market,490012066B,0,Stop R Shepherd's Bush Market Station ,69,51.505553,-0.226462
ZSB,Shepherd's Bush Market,490012066A,0,Stop Q Shepherd's Bush Market Station ,116,51.505594,-0.227368
ZSQ,South Quay,490013217W,0,Stop T South Quay Station ,332,51.499885,-0.01421
ZSQ,South Quay,490013217E,0,Stop C South Quay Station ,353,51.499943,-0.013904
ZSW,Southwark,490013323SB,0,Stop SB Southwark Station ,48,51.503258,-0.104451
ZSW,Southwark,490013323SA,0,Stop SA Southwark Station ,165,51.504466,-0.104617


I don’t think buses have served Crews hill Station (or the Plough) for some years. The W10 used to but it was cut back to a housing estate to the south of all the garden centres, I think because parking meant buses could not turn round safely at the station.



Thanks . I see. I got the two “Crews Hill The Plough” stops 490005763E and 490005763W from

It seems a bit odd that there are stations you can’t catch a bus from.

Personally, I’m more worried that stops such as 490001299D (supposedly “Turkey Street Station”) are included in the station stop group, despite being something like 600 yards from the station.

The result of that is planned journeys such as apparently “end” at the bus stop, even though the station is still a long distance from the bus stop.

As seen, there is no mention of the final 600 yard walk and I suspect the walking distance is not taken into account when planning journeys that start or end at stations, even when “least walking” is specified.

Likewise, the map view shows only the bus part of the journey and gives no directions for actually getting to the station. Nor is there any indication at the bus stop itself to say whether a person should continue their journey by going North or South.

Currently, the only way to get an accurate journey to a station is to look up the station postcode and use it as a destination:

Only then do you see the proper information. But that shouldn’t be necessary – journey planner should do the whole job when asked to take you to a station.

As a bare minimum, journeys planned “to a named station” should assume that the user wants to go to the station not the bus stop and should explicitly include that final leg and should account for it as a walking distance. If the user really does only want to go to the bus stop, they can easily ignore the final leg, but it’s not possible to know there should have been a final leg when it is completely missing as at present.