Problems with bus stops near stations



As a follow up to Problems with 60 rail/tube /StopPoint/ not having any bus stops

I’m polling for bus information near 591 Rail/Tube/DLR stations and things sometimes (about 5% of the time) go wrong. Here’s the problematic bus-stop calls that don’t return the bus stop requested.

Abbey Road lat/long search gets busstops=490003006E:->E,490003006W:->W near 940GZZDLABR
Call to returns 940GZZDLABR-dlr - 490003006E (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZDLABR-dlr - 490003006W (no_static_tt)

Albany Park lat/long search gets busstops=490009613A: near 910GALBNYPK
Call to returns 490G009613-bus - 490009613A (static_tt tfl_59-B14-V-y05-57081.xml)

Arsenal lat/long search gets busstops=490000010W:Stop near 940GZZLUASL
Call to returns 940GZZLUASL-tube - 490000010W (no_static_tt)

Banstead lat/long search gets busstops=40004409049A:E-bound,40004409049B:W-bound near 910GBANSTED
Call to returns 910GBANSTED-bus,national-rail - 40004409049A (static_tt tfl_8-166-X-y05-58710.xml)
Call to returns 910GBANSTED-bus,national-rail - 40004409049B (static_tt tfl_8-166-X-y05-58710.xml)

Barons Court lat/long search gets busstops=490000017E:->E,490000017W:->W near 940GZZLUBSC
Call to returns 940GZZLUBSC-tube - 490000017E (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZLUBSC-tube - 490000017W (no_static_tt)

Brondesbury Park lat/long search gets busstops=490018851N:->N,490018851S:->S near 910GBRBYPK
Call to returns 910GBRBYPK-overground,national-rail - 490018851N (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 910GBRBYPK-overground,national-rail - 490018851S (no_static_tt)

Catford lat/long search gets busstops=490001054AA:Stop AA near 910GCATFORD
Call to returns 910GCATFBDG-national-rail,bus - 490001054AA (static_tt tfl_51-320--y05-57046.xml,tfl_59-336-W-y05-57179.xml,tfl_59-336--y05-57364.xml,tfl_8-160-_-y05-52648.xml)

Chipstead lat/long search gets busstops=40004409810D:adj,40004409810G:opp near 910GCHSD
Call to returns 910GCHSD-national-rail,bus - 40004409810D (static_tt tfl_8-166-X-y05-58710.xml)
Call to returns 910GCHSD-national-rail,bus - 40004409810G (static_tt tfl_8-166-X-y05-58710.xml)

Chiswick Park lat/long search gets busstops=490000048A:->N1,490000048N:->N,490000048S:->S near 940GZZLUCWP - 490000048A (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZLUCWP-tube - 490000048N (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZLUCWP-tube - 490000048S (no_static_tt)

Covent Garden lat/long search gets busstops=490000056E:Stop near 940GZZLUCGN
Call to returns 940GZZLUCGN-tube - 490000056E (no_static_tt)

Epsom Downs lat/long search gets busstops=40004406108A:opp,40004406108B:adj near 910GEPSDNS
Call to returns 910GEPSDNS-bus,national-rail - 40004406108A (static_tt tfl_8-166-X-y05-58710.xml)
Call to returns 910GEPSDNS-bus,national-rail - 40004406108B (static_tt tfl_8-166-X-y05-58710.xml)

Fenchurch Street lat/long search gets busstops=490001108E:Stop V,490001108W:Stop T near 910GFENCHRS
Call to returns 910GFENCHRS-national-rail - 490001108E (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 910GFENCHRS-national-rail - 490001108W (no_static_tt)

Hadley Wood lat/long search gets busstops=490001130W:Stop A near 910GHADLYWD
Call to returns 910GHADLYWD-bus,national-rail - 490001130W (static_tt tfl_86-399-_-y05-53082.xml)

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 lat/long search gets busstops= near 910GHTRWTM5 - (no_static_tt)

Kidbrooke lat/long search gets busstops=490001169B:Stop B,490001169C:Stop C near 910GKIDBROK
Call to returns 910GKIDBROK-national-rail - 490001169B (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 910GKIDBROK-national-rail - 490001169C (no_static_tt)

Knockholt lat/long search gets busstops=2400A034610A:,2400A034660A: near 910GKNCKHLT
Call to returns 910GKNCKHLT-national-rail - 2400A034610A (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 910GKNCKHLT-national-rail - 2400A034660A (no_static_tt)

Parsons Green lat/long search gets busstops=490000177N:->N,490000177S:->S near 940GZZLUPSG
Call to returns 940GZZLUPSG-tube - 490000177N (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZLUPSG-tube - 490000177S (no_static_tt)

Peckham Rye lat/long search gets busstops=490001223U:Stop U,490001223V:Stop V near 910GPCKHMRY
Call to returns 910GPCKHMRY-overground,bus,national-rail - 490001223U (static_tt tfl_45-N63--y05-58269.xml)
Call to returns 910GPCKHMRY-overground,bus,national-rail - 490001223V (static_tt tfl_45-N63-

Riddlesdown lat/long search gets busstops=490011570B:,490011570A: near 910GRDLSDWN
Call to returns 490G00011570-bus - 490011570B (static_tt tfl_21-612-V-y05-56312.xml,tfl_8-412-X-y05-58626.xml,tfl_8-612--y05-57041.xml)
Call to returns 490G00011570-bus - 490011570A (static_tt tfl_21-612-V-y05-56312.xml,tfl_8-612-

Royal Albert lat/long search gets busstops=490002070W2:Stop,490002070Z:Stop near 940GZZDLRAL
Call to returns 940GZZDLRAL-dlr - 490002070W2 (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZDLRAL-dlr - 490002070Z (no_static_tt)

Royal Victoria lat/long search gets busstops=4900020078E:->E,4900020078W:->W near 940GZZDLRVC
Call to returns HUBRVC-bus,cable-car,dlr - 4900020078E (no_static_tt)
Call to returns HUBRVC-bus,cable-car,dlr - 4900020078W (no_static_tt)

South Acton lat/long search gets busstops=490001254N:->N,490001254S:->SE near 910GSACTON
Call to returns 910GSACTON-overground,national-rail - 490001254N (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 910GSACTON-overground,national-rail - 490001254S (no_static_tt)

Temple lat/long search gets busstops=490000231E:Stop N,490000231W:Stop O near 940GZZLUTMP
Call to returns 940GZZLUTMP-tube - 490000231E (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZLUTMP-tube - 490000231W (no_static_tt)

Tower Hill lat/long search gets busstops=490001108E:Stop V,490001108W:Stop T near 910GFENCHRS
Call to returns 910GFENCHRS-national-rail - 490001108E (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 910GFENCHRS-national-rail - 490001108W (no_static_tt)

West Finchley lat/long search gets busstops=490000261N:->N,490000261S:->S near 940GZZLUWFN
Call to returns 940GZZLUWFN-tube - 490000261N (no_static_tt)
Call to returns 940GZZLUWFN-tube - 490000261S (no_static_tt)

West Harrow lat/long search gets busstops=490000264S:->S near 940GZZLUWHW
Call to returns 940GZZLUWHW-tube - 490000264S (no_static_tt)