Problems with /Line/Route/Sequence 8/1/20-31/6/20

New thread following on from Problems with /Line/Route/Sequence 16/5/19-31/12/19

Result of update dated 8/1/2020:

Line restored: 211,Piccadilly (finally we can get to Terminal 4, but…)
Line duplicated: Piccadilly
Line 34/outbound: added stop Walthamstow Central Station/AP which no longer exists
Line 107/outbound: HTTP error 503 after multiple retries

hi @nickp

34 Outbound

It appears the stop was left in the Saturday & Sunday night schedules. This has been removed from the source data and should update next week.

I can’t recreate this - returns a 200 and I can see the route being returned too.

Piccadilly Duplication

I’ve looked at the response of &

I can’t see the duplication you mention - can you share more detail on this?


Here’s what I got from the 8/1update. The 100+ numbers are my own renumbering to make duplicates unique. I can send you the raw JSON if you want

Hi @nickp,

Yes, please share the JSON so I can compare it to what I have been looking at.

Are you making these calls or something else? &


The calls are almost like that - they’re actually /Line/{id}/Route/Sequence/{direction}?id=piccadilly&direction=outbound&serviceTypes=Regular&[app keys here] but I can’t see that that should make a difference

The JSON is too large to insert into a post, can I email it to you?

Hi @nickp

Please send it to [email protected] and we’ll pick it up from there.


Hi @jamesevans

Files despatched to you

Best, Nick

Result of update dated 14/1/2020:

Lines restored: 34, 107
Line duplicated: Piccadilly