Quadrant maps have disappeared?

I can’t find the quadrant bus maps online any more. Have they been moved?

I’m aware that paper maps have been discontinued but surely the online electronic versions are still with us.

Hi @mjcarchive

Unfortunately those maps were quite out of date and were removed recently as they gave incorrect information.

We have advised the team in TfL Marketing who look after these maps. They will determine if new maps can be produced and if that is the case, we will re-publish at that time.

James Evans
Technology Service Operations

Thanks, James. I haven’t seen a consultation about dropping them. I cannot imagine what, apart from lack of resources, would make it impossible to produce new maps - but let’s see what they say.

And have they said anything yet?

There’s a very helpful guy who has drawn up his own and is selling them at only £1.
Let’s see if I can find the link…

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Thanks, Mike. It really isn’t a gap that should be left to someone else to fill though. TfL Marketing have failed to come up with a response as asked for in September 2017. That leaves me thinking it must be a decision made on the basis of a know cost and a benefit which is there but hard to quantify.