Queries and observations on Crowding data

I’m very interested in crowding data for my current app. However, I’m not entirely sure what data to use, which brings me to some questions:

  1. Is there anywhere I can see a timeline for (or get updates on) the anonymous WiFi real-time data for crowding being released via the open API? I am more than willing to be a guinea-pig.
  2. How does the RODS data (2017) relate to the NUMBAT data (2018)? e.g. Is there a direct link between the data sets so I can directly compare some subset?
  3. How do the above relate to the existing Crowding API? Is that 2017 data or 2018 data, or something else?
  4. Does anything provide crowding data for the DLR and London Overground, or is it all Tube data?

I’ve been looking at Excel files and the API (I’d much prefer an API, but will take whatever is most up-to-date). I noticed that the StopPoint Crowding API is available on the website but not included in the Postman collection. Is that deliberate?

Last but not least - not sure if the API data is still relevant, but in case anyone cares I found:
a) Willesden Green Metropolitan Line is missing all the data (passengerFlows is an empty array, trainLoadings is simply missing)
b) Kensington (Olympia) District Line is missing passengerFlows (but has trainLoadings).
c) Turnham Green Piccadilly Line is missing passengerFlows (but has trainLoadings).

I’d be very grateful for any guidance on what’s the best data to use, or if the real-time data is so close to being available that I should wait.

A further query…

The NUMBAT data has station NLC and ASC codes. Is there an easy way to map either of these to the icsCode or naptanId in the StopPoint data? Or do I have to compare names and handle special cases like Bank & Monument manually?

The Google Maps system now has crowing data in the app for these. I’m not sure it’s been API’ed yet, but you usually can get this from eventually.

b) Kensington (Olympia) District Line is missing passengerFlows (but has trainLoadings).

K(O) has two district line trains a day in the week and no-one knows about these but Geoff Marshall -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeMPQPAPTqE (has dotted green line)

c) Turnham Green Piccadilly Line is missing passengerFlows (but has trainLoadings).

That’s sounds about right, there are again two Piccadilly trains a day at this station (thus not having an interchange circle and having a red dagger.



Perhaps this might help. http://content.tfl.gov.uk/station-abbreviations.pdf

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Yes, I’ve seen the Google Places data, it isn’t for every station (not even most stations) currently and definitely not available via the API. There’s an open issue on the API to provide this data for any locations that have it (not just stations) that’s gone nowhere for more than 3 years, so I suspect they have little incentive to release it.

Thanks for the expert info on the rarely served stations. I guess that highlights another issue with the Crowding API data - is it just typical weekday, or if I call it on the weekend, will I get a typical Saturday or typical Sunday data? The API page says it’s “static” so I’d assume the former.

Oh my, what a mess. There are multiple abbreviation conventions there, with duplicate station codes meaning different stations, and I don’t think any of them are the three I actually have. Looks like I’m matching names and handling special cases manually then!

There is a substantial Piccadilly Line in the early morning and late evening at Turnham Green, far more than two journeys per dau!

However, my main point in posting is that the TfL system shows live Piccadilly Line arrivals from Turnham Green right now, in the middle of a Thursday! As in

Maybe there is disruption on the District, though District arrivals look OK


Erm, the Picadilly Line timetable says that there aren’t any train stopping at Turnham Green in the day.

So I dunno what the live information is about, but it’s not correct.

See also the Working Timtable - only columns marked “PT” have stops at Turnham Green http://content.tfl.gov.uk/wtt-58-piccadilly-21-may-2017-.pdf

From start of traffic until approximately 06.50 (Mondays to Fridays), and from approximately 22.30 until close of traffic
(Monday to Thursdays and Sundays), all trains will stop at Turnham Green, where indicated by PT note.
Trains will stop at Turnham Green throughout the night on Friday nights from approximately 22.30 until 06.50 Saturday
morning and on Saturday nights from approximately 22.30 until 07.45 Sunday morning.

Sorry, “two” for the Piccadilly Line was sarcasm in the context of the loading data.