Rate limited despite having api_key

I’m being rate limited to 50 request per minute despite having “500 Requests per min” subscription Active.

I’ve tried both primary and secondary key from my profile page. I’ve also tried regenerating keys.

Here is how I’m using it:


(as specified here )

I’ve also tried “api_key”, “apikey”, “appkey” without any luck - still being rate limited at 50 per minute.

What am I missing?

Welcome @Ilya It’s app_key= you need to use.

Is there a resson you’re getting this toLocationDisambiguation page 50 times a minute?

thanks for your reply, @briantist
I’m already using app_key= as specified in my sample query above.

Is there a resson you’re getting this toLocationDisambiguation page 50 times a minute?

I need to prepopulate a matrix of commute times so it’s kind of a one of task but requires quite a lot of API calls. Especially since I’m no in trial and test stage of my logic.


OK… I guess that you’re probably going to need to be able to use a rate-limiting call on your server if you want to do THAT may calls. P versus NP problem - Wikipedia

I’m just wondering where you’ve got your list of Naptan codes from as they’re not really the ones I’ve got on my list


@briantist, I can implement it on my server, however first I need to get the API working with “500 Requests per min” as expected.

I’ll reply about naptanIds in the parallel thread.

@jamesevans, do you have idea why I’m limited at 50 instead of 500?

hi @Ilya

Can you please DM me your app key and I’ll see what’s happening


Hi @jamesevans , it seems that as a new user I cannot DM as I don’t see any message button as described in the Messages section “Need to have a direct personal conversation with someone, outside the normal conversational flow? Message them by selecting their avatar and using the Message button”

There’s no message button shown for me on hover or if I click on the full profile:

I’ve already seen limitations that I can add max 2 links or 1 media to the post as a new user.

Btw, are those limitations really necessary i.e. have you experienced lot’s of “spam” messages from new joiners?


interesting - you don’t see these things as admins…

I have DM’d you. Hopefully you can reply.