River Bus Live Arrival API - UPDATE

River Bus Live Arrival API - UPDATES


We are happy to announce that we recently updated the data feed for River Bus Live Arrivals. The data is now more accurate, as it uses departure rather than arrival times. We have also increased the time window from 30 to 60 minutes and added Naptan code for each destination.

As part of this change, some fields in the APIs listed below are no longer populated for river buses, although most of this information is now available in different fields or can be inferred.

Which APIs are affected?

What are the changes?

Below is a link to a side-by-side comparison of the changes:

Summary of the changes:

  • Bearing – pier’s bearing, NO LONGER AVAILABLE (for modeName = ‘river-bus’ only)
  • DestinationName – UPDATED names, now align more with TfL branding
  • DestinationNaptanId – NEW VALUE, to replace information from field ‘Towards’
  • PlatformName - UPDATED to now show a direction ‘outbound’ or ‘inbound’
  • Towards – NO LONGER AVAILABLE, same information available via DestinationName & DestinationNaptanId
  • VehicleId – UPDATED, to now show a unique number for any given journey; this is not reused between journeys
  • The number of live arrival predictions visible for river buses is now INCREASED, so the customer can see 60 mins ahead, instead of only 30 mins

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this update.
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Thanks @JakubGasiorowski

The data in my app looks much more complete now…stations but I guess I need to rework on the Destinations…

Which was deleting three lines from my code, so looks great now, thanks for this it’s a great thing to have data for as I personally love a cheap river cruise (and I won’t let on a how good the Expressos are)


(I would upload an image but no images seem to unloadable anymore)

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Thanks, I’m glad you appreciate the update.

P.S. I did try several times to upload the image, but that feature didn’t work, hence the link.


@JakubGasiorowski Yes… my client was very keen for the river buses to be included and so I did all the hard config work to make it work - and it drops back to the timetable if the live system goes away can show the River Bus “Rainbow Board” if everything else fails!

I guess the image uploading thing is an issue with https://www.discourse.org ?

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Hi @JakubGasiorowski,

I realised some positioning problems on the Riverbus, as for Millbank Pier i can see RB1 services to Westminster serving this stop, but that can’t be right as Millbank is beyond westminster. till then i grabbed the Vehicle ID to see the which order this service was calling at which starts from Canary Wharf to Millbank and then London Bridge and so on. I see no arrivals at Tower Pier but i have included images regarding this. I would of imagine it would be the same thing towards Woolwich Pier.

Many Thanks,

Thanks Anas,
We’ll look into this issue as well. Thank you for point this out!



Has there been any change to the Countdown feed version of this data?



Hi Simon, Countdown feed has not been altered by this update.

Kind regards,

I just realised that the arrival information for Tower Pier and Millbank Pier are incorrect and really the information showing at Millbank should actually be Tower Pier and what Tower pier is showing currently is what it should be for Millbank Pier.
Also looking at Embankment Pier. i see services going towards Greenwich and Woolwich serving Platform Outbound except RB1 services to Woolwich serving inbound platform. i’m not sure if this a terminus for RB1.
Here is a image
For instance, Looking at Tower Pier on vehicle ID 2668 will arrive at 15:17
then london bridge 2668 will arrive 14:55
and then lastly Milbank 2668 will arive 14:51
Any status on this?

Many Thanks,

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