River Bus observations


River Tours section

These appear on the offical TfL London River Services map https://content.tfl.gov.uk/river-services-map.pdf but don’t have any Naptan codes or TfL pages.

  • Hampton Court Pier - (rtour)
  • Kingston Town End Pier - (turks)
  • Kingston Turks Pier - (turks)
  • Richmond Landing Stage Pier - (rtour)
  • Richmond St Helena Pier - (turks)
  • Kew Pier - (rtour)

Putney to Cadogan section


  • Putney Pier - 930GPUT (rb6) → station name for here is Putney Bridge but not mentioned
  • Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Pier - 930GWRQ (rb6)
  • Plantation Wharf Pier - 930GPLW (rb6)
  • Chelsea Harbour Pier - 930GCHP (rb6) station name is Imperial Wharf but not mentioned
  • Cadogan Pier - 930GBSE (rb6)

Main tube map doesn’t mention the Imperial Wharf pier is Chelsea Harbour Pier


Battersea to Bankside section

  • Battersea Power Station Pier. - 930GBSP (rb2)
  • Vauxhall St George Wharf Pier - 930GSGW (rb6)
  • Millbank Pier - 930GMBK (rb2) station is actually Pimlico but not mentioned
  • Westminster Pier. - 930GWMR (rb1)
  • London Eye Waterloo Pier. - 930GWMP (rb1) the linked station is Waterloo
  • Embankment Pier. - 930GEMB (rb2)
  • Festival Pier - 930GFES (rtour) linked station is also Waterloo
  • Blackfriars Pier - 930GBFR (rb1/6)
  • Bankside Pier. - 930GSWK (rb1)

So tube map doesn’t mention Bankside pier 800m from Pimlico


And no mention of the TWO PIERS at Waterloo


London Bridge to Greenwich section

  • London Bridge City Pier. - 930GLBR (rb1)
  • Tower Pier. - 930GTMP (rb2) - for Tower Hill and Tower Gateway DLR stations
  • Tower Bridge Quay - 930GSTC (rtour) for Tower Hill and Tower Gateway DLR stations
  • Canary Wharf Pier. - 930GCAW (rb1)
  • Greenland Surrey Quays Pier. - 930GGLP (rb1) - Surrey Quays station is 1.2km away
  • Masthouse Terrace Pier. - 930GMHT (rb1) DLR is Mudchute 750m away
  • Greenwich Pier. - 930GGNW (rb1) - station name is Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich DLR

So on the tube map has the correct name for Cutty Sark station, but no link from Mudchute to Masthouse Terrace Pier


North Greenwich Pier to Woolwich Royal Arsenal Pier section


  • North Greenwich Pier. - 930GMIL (rb1)
  • Royal Wharf Pier - 930GWRF (rb1ext) → station name is Pontoon Dock DLR
  • Woolwich Ferry North Pier - 930GWWC (ferry) → station name is King George V DLR
  • Woolwich Ferry South Terminal - 930GWWS (ferry)
  • Woolwich Royal Arsenal Pier - 930GWAS (rb1ext) → station name is Woolwich Arenal

So cross-checking with the tube map there are no links from Pontoon Dock or King George V DLR to the river services, and no mention of the Woolwich Ferry which is odd, given the cable car is there.


IMHO all these little contradictions and errors make the whole thing quite hard for normal people to understand, but I do appreciate it’s very hard to be consistent.

Hi @briantist

Thanks to my colleagues in the Journey Planner team, I have the NaPTAN codes for the river tours piers you mentioned.

  • Hampton Court pier - 930GCHP
  • Kingston Town End - 930GKUT
  • Kingston Turks - 930GKGT
  • Richmond Landing Stage 930GRLS
  • Richmond St Helena 930GRSH
  • Kew 930GKEW

In terms of the map issues, I’ll have to go away and find the relevant team who produce these to query those points.


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Thanks for the fast reply, that has made my task here a little easier!

I must admit I got confused by the Greenwich issue myself the other day…

I googled “North Greenwich Pier”, got shown the results for Greenwich Pier shown and totally forgot that the name of Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich DLR pier is Greenwich Pier! I felt a fool when I asked the TfL staff person about it.

Going north to south in the Greenwich area, you find:

  • Greenwich Pier
  • Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich DLR (which everyone calls Cutty Sark DLR)
  • Greenwich Station


I’m guessing that “Hampton Court pier - 930GCHP” is a typo as 930GCHP is already Chelsea Harbour Pier and should be 930GHCP for Hampton Court" ?

Of course https://api.tfl.gov.uk/StopPoint/930GHCP confirms this.

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