Rockhampton Road SW16


This bus stop is reported to be fully operation, however the API is currently showing the stop as CLOSED.

Rockhampton Road - Transport for London?

Btw, is this the right place to report issues such as this? Or should I be reporting it somewhere else?

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@neelamk And others are closed and shown open, such as Cambridge Heath Station (Stop O).

TfL doesn’t control these bus stop closures, the local councils do and there is no duty on them to report them to use found centrally by APIs, much is a shame for travel planning.

But the bus drivers themselves must become aware very quickly. Shouldn’t it be possible (indeed, required by TFL) for them to radio the closure back to their controller, and the controller key it in somewhere to update the API?

Of course it should, but the (as far as I know) the contractual arrangement between TfL and the bus companies doesn’t stipulate that this information flow should happen: Bus tender search - Transport for London

And, of course, the situation between TfL and the 32 London boroughs, again TfL cannot impose on them such requirements: TfL is part of the Greater London Authority.

See also Hammersmith Bridge!

Hi @neelamk

I’ve referred this to my colleagues in the control centre to find out the current status of the stop.


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hi @neelamk

I have been advised that the stop is closed due to Thames Water works taking place up to 7 March.

Have customers reported that buses are serving the stop?