Route B13 route map on TfL website - plotting errors?

Not sure what’s going on here?

The other direction is fine one moment and affected with the same issue the next…

…the URLs seem to be being generated differently, e.g.

Working map:
https ://

Corrupt map:
https ://

N.B. space inserted after https by me to stop the system trying to generate preview images


hi @SJCooper

We seem to have an issue with the source file we get from the scheduling system that plots route geometry.

We’ll raise this back to our colleagues who look after that system and we’ll let you know once we have a corrected version loaded.


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Talking of maps…

shows two different eastbound routeings for the 394, the nornal route plus a diversion via Old Street roundabout.

The diversion shown in the text is a third routeing, not shown on the map.

I’m told that the diversion was postponed anyway but the nonsense on hew status page for the 394 is still there.