Route map for route 274


One of our users has reported that the route map for route 274, towards Angel, Islington is incorrect. Where it should now go North via Baker Street, it is still showing as travelling via Gloucester Place (274 bus route - Transport for London).

Could you please investigate and correct this as necessary?

Many thanks,


Hi David
Thanks for raising this. I’ve been in touch with colleagues who supply revised route schedules to us. They have advised that because operators were only informed that the changes at Baker Street (as a result of the two-way scheme) were going live on Feb 21st on Feb 12th and the deadline for updating our iBus system was the week before, we were unable to get our systems updated in time to reflect the changes. I’ve just checked and we do now have the updated geometry for the affected routes in the Unified API so please let me know if you spot any other issues. N.B You may have noticed that our Journey Planner (and therefore /Journey endpoint) had the correct information. This is because the team manually updated their data to reflect the changes.