Serious miscalculation of bus times in Journey Planner

I’ve done a few journeys recently which claim buses travelling at unbelievable speeds.

For example:

Apparently takes only 18 minutes, including this very interesting snippet:


Expanding the journey shows that in that one minute, the 343 bus covers something like 25 bus stops.

Presumably done with the aid of a police helicopter to escort it :exclamation:

Actual journey time is 44 minutes longer, according to 343 Bus timetable - Transport for London

A similar error from last week:

It’s slightly more believable that a bus might do that journey in 9 minutes – but it’s 19 stops and actually took something like 39 minutes.

Interesting too that both problems involve the 343 bus :cry:

Hi Harry,

I’ve had a look and found that there was an erroneous schedule in the current Timetable, this has now been corrected and will be available again from tomorrow.

Matthew (cc @GerardButler fyi)


Matthew: Thanks for fixing. I’ve found a workround (disable bus altogether) that will do for today. But would be awkward if another part of the journey was in an area covered only by buses.

For things like this, it leaves me thinking that we need an option to disable in a more granular way – eg “not via 343 bus”. We might also want that option if there is serious disruption along the route.

Another example: “not via Piccadilly Line” if it’s announced as severely disrupted, but JP is still routing journeys that way. Trying to circumvent it by a Via of a specific station doesn’t always help, if JP decides to use another part of the Piccadilly line on the way to or from the Via station.

Oh, and this is where we really could do with a “not via Zone 1” option (or an option for the cheapest fare) and an “only via Freedom Pass trains” option.

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