Service Status API


This API
has alerts such as:
“description”:“Bus stop closed due to Thames Water works. Please use the previous or next bus stop to board your bus.”

Is there a way for us to get the information in this feed of which bus stop is closed please?

Thank you!

Good questrion!

Sorry, but that’s a “no”. The data for “locally closed bus stops” is not held centrally by TfL’s systems. It appears to me that it might be held by the bus contractor, so that bus drivers can playback the “next bus stop is closed” message on the bus, but this isn’t held in a datastore that is accessible to the public.

Hi @kiki

Those messages are consumed directly from the Countdown system and the main target is the dot matrix displays at bus stops.

However, you can form your request like this:

This will give you the status of all disrupted bus stops.


Thank you very much!