Sorry to be a pain, but Arrivals are broken

As of 18:05 yesterday (the 1st Feb) Arrivals just seem to have got stuck. Sometimes ‘real’ data comes through, but for the most part, on all tube lines (I’ve checked Met, Bakerloo, Victoria and Northern) the arrivals data is from 18:05 and now, hopelessly out of date.

Interestingly it doesn’t seem to have troubled the TFL arrivals website or Citymapper, so either I’m hallucinating or they’re getting their data from somewhere else. I know that the actual station arrivals boards get data from elsewhere - are there other sources? Citymapper seems to do a much better job of providing accurate arrival times and I’m wondering how they do it.

Not seeing that myself… RTI

It is intermittent. It’s still happening though. Put this in your browser …
… and refresh a couple of times. You will probably see this buried in the JSON: “timestamp”:“2023-02-1T18:04:35.4696517Z”
That’s over 24 hours ago.

I can’t believe that it’s just me. I’ve tried it on several different IPs and from three different locations. The results are the same.

@grahamwell It works when I use my API key, but you’re correct the direct link is 26 hours old.

Thank you! I thought I was going nuts. Using the API key solves the problem and I guess it also addresses the question as to where TFL and Citymapper are getting good data from.

The direct link is strange, every 10 requests or so generate decent data, but the other nine take you back to yesterday evening.

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I think this problem has occurred before and it’s down to the CDN that TfL uses (Cloudflare I think).

Let’s ping @jamesevans with this.

Hi both,

we’re currently looking at an issue in our caching layer. No issues in our CDN at the moment.

We’ll let you know once we’ve got a bit further in investigation.


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Hi all,

We’ve managed to clear the issues with the cache and all seems to be OK now, but please let me know if you see reoccurrence.


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