Station accessibility issues dataset?

I wondering if the public might be able to help TfL manage stations like Stratford better?

Here’s a sequence of pictures from this very afternoon.

Exit platform 11 and follow the signs for QEOP and Westfield…

Turn to the right and follow the sign, perfect and in-spec.

Escalator lobby, more signs clear as day! And a lift to the right for those in need of it!

Top of escalators, QEOP, Westfield and a Way out-> great!

Follow the signs…

But… what’s this? Unexpected item in the bagging area, perhaps?

No, someone has made the gap here very small. Good job I wasn’t in a wheelchair or using a pram!

Q1. Is this more silly than the human traffic cross-over at the mezzanine entrance where the gates are opposite way to the “walk on the left” when you get though them?

Q2. Is there something we could do with a dataset to stop these clear errors happening: especially when they directly cause problems for accessibility?

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I suspect that “very small” gap is not intended to exist at all :slight_smile:

What the signs don’t make clear is that in this picture:


you actually need to walk to the left of the barrier before turning right:

The strange thing is that one person (out of four) is actually following that unwritten rule. Which I suspect probably means only one thing … that he’s the idiot that put the barrier up without checking what the signage says.

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I suspect the problem is that whoever is in charge has made the layout work for the 19 times a year that the local football team play and has provided no thought at all to those poor people who actually live here.

Also (having lived here since 2014) perhaps I and other people have “muscle memory” as to how to leave the station.