Station closures in Unified API

Getting in touch from the TfL Open Data product team, to any developers using station closures data from the StopPoint endpoint of Unified API

We have an outstanding issue with the endpoint, where it reports a full station closure as “type”: “Part Closure”

Our dev team is working on a fix to the Unified API, so that a full station closure will say “type”: “Closure”.

Please reply on this thread with any questions or concerns.


From memory about this, a “Part Closure” means “station is closed for a while”, and “Closure” means “station service discontinued for ever”. So:

Kentish Town South: Closed (in 1924)
Tufnell Park: Part Closure (because it’s going open again in 2020-something).

We’re currently working on the status about Closure / Part Closure - more to come soon. FYI @jwithers

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How about “Mothballed”? Save the 1844 Railway Regulation Act problems with “closed”.

Not getting into railway legislation today. Still trying to get my head around Newhaven Marine

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Update to say this fix has now gone live. Please contact me if there are any issues.

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@jwithers Excellent.,dlr,overground,tflrail,tram/Disruption seems to be as you said it would be!

Unfortunately we had to roll this release back due to an unconnected issue this morning. We should hopefully be able to re-implement it this afternoon

This is now live again. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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