Station signage Heathrow 2&3 and Bank

Yesterday I was doing some testing of the TfL Journey Planner API.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Piccadilly Line to Ealing Broadway

The says change at Heathrow Terminal 2&3 from the Piccadilly Line to the Elizabeth Line. This is also shown on the on-train Piccadilly Line diagram.

However, there is ZERO signage for this at the station. This contrast with Woolwich Arsenal where the station is an OSI with Elizabeth line Woolwich but there are literally signs everywhere (at last inside the station less so on the street).

Battersea Power Station Station Station to Shadwell

This requires a quick trip on the Waterloo and City. It’s odd that you’ve sent £700 million on this and this is what I find

First DLR trains.

Then Docklands trains

Next Docklands trains Docklands Light Rail

and eventually the correct-for-decades DLR (but with missing green District line colour band)

I mean, I know that these are all the same things, but it’s not really helpful for anyone who’s not a total nerd about this.

Surely £700 million could pay for someone fix these stickers?

Same at Reading if I remember correctly. No fixed signage, and the electronic signs only said platform numbers and destinations, not lines.

To find the correct platform I had to use Journey Planner with National Rail disabled and then check each platform individually to find a train that matched the departure time.

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Our “award winning” app does what you need!

I guess my observation is that the Piccadilly Line station is under the ownership of TfL.

There was one motheaten “Elizabeth Line Open” poster a long way beyond the gateline, but without any useful arrrows.