Status 300 (Multiple Choices) for Journey API

Journey API returns status 300 (Multiple Choices) for some queries between exisitng NaptaIds. Here are several samples. Looks like some stations like new New Cross and Upminster are affected.

Abbey Wood to New Cross:"

Abbey Wood to Upminster:"

Acton Central to New Cross:

Acton to Upminster:

Acton to Willesden Junction LL:

Is there a reason not using 910GABWD and 940GZZLUUPM rather than these platform-specific locations

I’m getting NaptanIds from the Stoppoint API.

  1. Abbey Wood
    910GABWDXR is NaptanId for “Abbey Wood” on “elizabeth-line”:


910GABWD is 910GABWD “Abbey Wood (London) Rail Station” on “national-rail”:

[Can’t add more than one screenshot as a I’m a new user]

  1. Upminster

“910GUPMNSP6” is “Upminster Rail Station” without any lines/modes - how can it be possible?


There’s another “Upminster Rail Station” with “910GUPMNSTR” and lines (“national-rail”,“overground”)

[Can’t add more than 1 screenshot as I’m a new user]

Is it bad data or should I distinguish them somehow?

And “940GZZLUUPM” is “Upminster Underground Station” on “tube”

@Ilya If there’s a “hub” Naptan code, it’s always better to use that!

Also, the Journey Planner can be used with comma separated lat,lon too.

Could you explain a little of what you are trying to achieve with your grid?

Apologies for a late reply - I was away

Both “Upminster Rail Stations” (910GUPMNSP6 & 910GUPMNSTR) from above have hubNaptanCode (same HUBUPM)

The 910GUPMNSP6 doesn’t have any lines info, modes, properties or children so I think I should use the other one I believe.

However, why two of them exist? I’ve noticed that even location differs slightly:
“lon”: 0.250884 vs “lon”: 0.25088

“Upminster station” is actually THREE stations. The C2C line, the District Line and the London Overground line. The lines are not totally not connected: the Overground is connected to the rest of the rail network at Romford, and the District line isn’t connected to the National Rail network (mainly because the Underground uses third-rail DC current and the C2C line is overhead AC power, both with different signalling systems).