Stop X at Beckton Park incorrect reports the position:

  • lat": 51.508793,
  • “lon”: 0.054932
    “naptanId”: “490002012X”,
    “stopLetter”: “X”,

which corresponds to the map for stop X at Nearby Beckton Park Station - Transport for London


but is incorrect according to the report at Note: 3380892 | OpenStreetMap

Is there somebody that could confirm the correct lat/lon for this stop and whether the naptan and stopletter are still correct.


Beckton Park station, like those at that end of the DLR, is built underneath the grade-separated main road (A1020) so the bus stops are accessed by using the park-level walk to “Straight Road”. . Underneath the roundabout there is a bridge that connects the bus stops to sound side of the DLR.

The satellite view helpfully shows where the stops are actually located as they are marked in on the road. So the correct position for “X” is 51.50924197726067, 0.05475553212808522