StopCode1 is NONE for Hammersmith Bus Station stop B

I am still using the legacy countdown feed based on the original specification which suggested that is it safe to use stopCode1 to search for predictions.

It appears that Hammersmith Bus Station stop B has been loaded into the system with a stopCode1 value of “NONE”, despite having a valid and unique stopCode2 (490007705C). Would it be possible to load stop B with it’s SMS code instead of just “NONE”?,StopCode1,StopCode2,Latitude,Longitude,EstimatedTime,ExpireTime,StopPointName,StopPointIndicator,DirectionID,LineName,DestinationText,Towards,StopPointType,Bearing,MessageUUID,MessageType,MessagePriority,MessageText,StartTime,ExpireTime

@Mulder As I call the SMS codes have been superceeded.

*Bus Stop QR Codes
smsCode missing in StopPoint API response