StopCode1 issues not fixed

The issues with StopCode1 hasn’t been fixed and I am still seeing error 416 with 75126 (Brixton Station stop N) as an example. It was reported that it would be fixed by 7 July, which has passed and the topic is closed.

Hello, I am able to reproduce the issue.

We will provide an update on this as soon as we can. In the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience.

Good morning and thank you for acknowledging.

For reference, here are some ways to see that it is still broken:
Using location - Brixton Station stop N is showing a weird StopCode1:,-0.115206,25&ReturnList=RegistrationNumber,StopCode1,StopCode2,Latitude,Longitude,EstimatedTime,ExpireTime,StopPointName,StopPointIndicator,DirectionID,LineName,DestinationText,Towards,StopPointType,Bearing,MessageUUID,MessageType,MessagePriority,MessageText,StartTime,ExpireTime
Or alternatively, using StopCode2:,StopCode1,StopCode2,Latitude,Longitude,EstimatedTime,ExpireTime,StopPointName,StopPointIndicator,DirectionID,LineName,DestinationText,Towards,StopPointType,Bearing,MessageUUID,MessageType,MessagePriority,MessageText,StartTime,ExpireTime

I am really hoping this can be fixed soon, my app is suffering a bit because of this and I’ve had to respond to several users who are having issues and awaiting a fix for this.

Thank you for raising this - a quick update:
We are investigating why the fix for the StopCode1 issue - from 7th July, has not worked (the corrections in the data are in our source systems but are unfortunately not being passed through to the API).
We are aiming to push out an emergency release overnight to fix this, we’ll keep you informed.
Apologies for any inconvenience.

Good morning

It appears that the fix still hasn’t worked. At least I am still seeing a 416 error coming back.

We have now identified the cause of the issue preventing the resolution of StopCode1 errors in Countdown URA API bus data.
An update to our internal processes has been necessary, and as a result - the fix will be released (overnight) on Friday 14 July, and it will be available for users from the early hours on Saturday.

Apologies for the delay and any inconvenience this has continued to cause.