Stopping points in order

Hello, I am very very new to all this but I have managed to set up this API call in a C# project: and it returns all of the stopping points of the Bakerloo (or any other line). But is there a property or someway I can order the stopping points in order as they appear on the line? It’s currently alphabetical which is not really what I want. Apologies if this has been asked before and thanks in advance.

Welcome @paleonard1979

The feed you want for orders of stations this one, as its KML the order has to be right

You can load this up into Google Earth - - do Hamburger->Projects->New project->Import file from computer->paste this URL

KML format is trivial to decode.


Resource not found: http://api:8001/Line/bakerloo/Route/Sequence

Sorry @paleonard1979 ,
My bad - add /inbound or /outbound to the end, also optional ?ServiceType if desired, although the latter doesn’t really seem to have been implemented yet.
Regards, Nick

Just for the record, the documentation for that is here!/Line/Line_RouteSequence