Stratford DLR platforms (4a/4b)

Hi there,

While working with DLR platforms, I noticed that Stratford’s platform 4a (to Lewisham) doesn’t appear on /Line/dlr/StopPoints (only 4b, 16 and 17). This is probably as it’s not associated with the DLR line (on /StopPoint/HUBSRA).

There seems to be a few of these, as Westferry, Star Lane and Tower Gateway also only have one platform tagged with DLR.

Is there a technical reason for the terminus stations or is it just an oversight?


Hi @rmasters

Apologies for the delay in responding. I believe this may be due to the fact that these stations are all island platforms. I know the Journey Planner team have been splitting some island platforms across the network, so I will query with them and get back to you on this.