Stratford TfL observations


I noticed that there’s a lovely new indicator signs on the Central Line platforms, in bright Neon orange. Very nice. They are showing the next four trains, on three lines of text. The third and fourth sharing the same line in a scrolling transition.

However, when going north, the indicator is trying to show the longer destination of Hainaut (by Newbury Park) which is done by flashing between Hainaut and by Newbury Park which when combined with the scrolling transition is impossible to comprehend.

Also (now the API bit) I notice that the API is showing Jubilee line train using Platform 13

which they don’t because the drivers are using stepping back on Platform 14 and 15 and trains never use platform 13.

I am unsure why it reported platform 13 when you posted this, but I’d just like to clarify that trains don’t never use platform 13.

Stepping back is only done between 07:19 and 22:57½ Monday-Friday, between 08:01½ and 22:57½ on Saturdays, and between 09:44½ and 19:58½ on Sundays. Outside of these hours, stepping back is not done so platform 13 is used by every third train.

Also, platform 13 is used during disruption or a special service (e.g. last weekend due to closures).

You posted this on Monday at 15:20 so stepping back should have been in force and platform 13 out of use, so this was likely some sort of API error, or there was some sort of disruption.

(I have confirmed everything I have written here with a Jubilee line train operator)


The screenshot was taken at 1255 and I was standing there looking at the empty platform 13 when it happened. Perhaps I should have been clearer!

I also have seen a Platform 1 and 2 for West Ham in the too., which are the H&C/District lines.

That sounds like definitely an API error, or an issue with the third party app then

It’s the app I have written, so I’m quite sure that working! I wouldn’t be reporting my own problems here!!!

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Here we go,

Ah yes, definitely an API issue then. Only reason I suggested it could have been the implementation of the API was because I was unsure how you were getting the platform number.

I’m not sure where the API gets its platform predictions, but that may be what’s causing the issue. It may be completely ignoring the stepping back process and just assuming that trains alternate between all 3 platforms. If this was sourced directly from the signalling system however it would have likely taken this into account, as my Jubilee train op friend told me that “[the TBTC signalling system] is told not to auto route trains into [platform 13] so it has to be an active decision by the signaller”

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