"Test message" coming through countdown feed for lots of stops

Not sure when this started but I am seeing messages coming through with the following details:

stopId:75289 atco:490015324S state:0 messageType:0 priority:3 text:Test message expiretime:1725145320000

I am seeing this for 3339 differnt stops, all with the expiretime of Sat Aug 31 2024.

Is this something new or added by accident recently?
Do I need to start filtering these out?



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@TFowle I presume you mean the http digest at http://countdown.api.tfl.gov.uk/interfaces/ura/stream_V1 ?

I’ve run up a quick test feed and I cant see the messages in there, but you didn’t provide any parameters in your post.

I start by calling:

Run up the server again just now in case they had gone but still seeing the same 3339 stops. Again not sure when this started and if its been there a while.

Not seeing the message on the TFL site, eg i get it for:
stopId:74161 atco:490011157E2 state:0 messageType:0 priority:3 text:Test message expiretime:1725145320000
But the following appears fine:


@TFowle As the countdown interface a legacy feed, could you not use the https://tfl.gov.uk/tfl/syndication/feeds/journey-planner-timetables.zip feed to get the stops information you want here.

I know there in TransXChange format ( http://naptan.dft.gov.uk/transxchange/schema/2.5/doc/TransXChangeSchemaGuide-2.5-v-59.pdf ) but if you just want the list of current bus stops it’s not that hard to extract.

Sorry mixing up the calls, its the stream api that we used for realtime data and I believe we were asked to keep using it some time ago even though it is a legacy feed:

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@TFowle Thankfully I still have the credentials stored in Chrome’s inners so I can still see your link.

And your errors!

I note the the expiry time is Sat Aug 31 2024 and that picking out an example at random I can see that this only occurs when the first parameter is 2 and these look like status messages for the Countdown displays rather than bus departure updates

  [2,"53740","490009398N",0,2,3,"         Bus Stop Closed\n    Please use the next stop\n      or the previous stop \n       to catch your bus",1657900800000]

Let’s ping @jamesevans as my only wild guess is that there was a problem with the SMS delivered status messages and the 0,0,3,“Test message”,1725145320000 is a keep-alive for the displays.

@jamesevans Do you know if this data is likely to be removed/updated soon?