TFL arrivals api (rail) empty


I’ve been using the arrivals api for a year now but today the 3 modes of transport started returning empty results.
All of them are rail modes connected to the national rail data.

I am of course using the api with app_key.
Were there any changes planned for those modes recently or is it a temporary problem?


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@john_wr Might be better to just get them from the Darwin sources?

But I image that @jamesevans will say that he expects the tfl API endpoints to be “up”.

@briantist it is no doubt more convenient to have tfl api working rather than not :slight_smile:
I’m using the darwin rail stream for the rest of the UK and had to exclude some of the duplicated data from either of them but I noticed that tfl had a bit more data in api than it was in national rail.

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hi @john_wr

We’ll take a look into this. I did see a Thameslink train briefly, but has now disappeared.


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Of course!


I had a few issues with the Darwin SOAP interface over the last 24 hours… Failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!",

and the Darwin Push Port did go a bit strange at around 01:00

but everything else recovered for me. Perhaps your injection from this system didn’t recover?

We definitely have predictions in the system. We’re looking into a potential cause of why this isn’t translating into predictions in /Mode/…/Arrivals

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Might be a week late, but Darwin is in local time and TfL’s APIs use GMT all the time (“Z”)?