TfL Consultations 2020/2021 London bus routes

11: a new route running between Paddington Basin and Mortlake via the current 23 to North Wharf Road, Harrow Road, Bishop’s Bridge Road, Eastbourne Terrace, via route 23 to Hammersmith. A night service will continue to Fulwell via route 33. The route will use double deckers.
33: Night service discontinued (See Route 11).
23: Withdrawn between Marble Arch and Hammersmith. Withdrawn between Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury’s and Westbourne Park. Diverted to Wembley Central via Ladbroke Grove, Harrow Road, route 18 to Harlesden, route 206 to Brent Park and route 92 to Wembley. To relief the 18.
79: Withdrawn between Alperton Station and Alperton Sainsbury’s. Diverted to Westway Cross via Bridgewater Road, Whitton Avenue East, Greenford Road and Green Park Way. To link Alperton with Westway Cross. Rerouted between Wembley Hill Road and Alperton via Wembley Hill Road, Wembley Stadium Station, Wembley Triangle, Harrow Road, Point Place, Argenta Way, Stonebridge Park Station, North Circular Road, Beresford Avenue and Mount Pleasant.
83: Extended from Alperton to Ealing Broadway via route 297. To maintain links lost by the 297.
92: Withdrawn between Wembley Central and St Raphael’s. Diverted to Willesden Bus Garage via route 297. To maintain links lost by the 297.
120: rerouted between Lady Margaret Road and Target Roundabout via Kensington Road and Western Avenue.
195: Extended from Brentford County Court to West Middlesex Hospital via route 267. Withdrawn between Ealing Hospital and Charville Lane. Diverted to Greenford Broadway via route 92/282. To link West Middlesex and Ealing Hospital.
204: Withdrawn between Wembley Central and Sudbury Town.
206: Withdrawn between Brent Park and The Paddocks.
209: Extended from Kensington via Route 9.
223: Discontinued.
224: Discontinued.
228: Extended from Central Middlesex Hospital to Alperton Sainsbury’s via route 224. To link Alperton with White City.
260: Withdrawn between Central Middlesex Hospital and White City. Extened to North Finchley via route 460.
278: Extended from Ruislip to Harrow via Pembroke Road, Ruislip Manor, Elm Avenue, Eastcote, North View, Eastern Avenue, Village Way, Village Way East, Imperial Drive, Rayners Lane, Alexandra Avenue, Eastcote Lane, Northolt Road and route 395 to Harrow. To link Rayners Lane, Eastcote and Ruislip Manor a link with Hayes and Heathrow.
297: Discontinued.
350: Withdrawn between Stockley Park and Uxbridge and rerouted to Uxbridge via route U5 to Hayes, route 195 to Charville Lane and route U7 to Uxbridge. To link Uxbridge with Heathrow Terminal 5.
369: new route running between Whitton Gladstone Avenue/Lincoln Avenue and Roehampton Vale Asda (969)
395: Rerouted between South Harrow and Harrow via route 398 to Eastcote Lane, via route H9 to North Harrow, Pinner Road, via route H19 to Harrow. Extended from Harrow Bus Station to Harrow Weald, Elm Lane via route H19. Extened from Westway Cross to Perivale Tesco’s via Greenford Road, Western Avenue, South Greenford Station, Argyle Road, Teignmouth Gardens and Bideford Avenue To maintain links lost by the H18/H19 and to link Greenford to parts of Perivale that can’t be reached by the Central Line. Renumbered H10.
398: Withdrawn between Rayners Lane and South Harrow. Diverted to Harrow via route H9. To maintain links lost by the H9/H10. Renumbered H9
427: Withdrawn between Hanwell Broadway and Acton. Diverted to Greenford Station via Church Road, Hanwell Station, Greenford Avenue, Ruislip Road East, Argyle Road, Perivale, Western Avenue, South Greenford Station, Greenford Road and Rockware Avenue. To link Greenford with Uxbridge.
440: Withdrawn between Central Middlesex Hospital and Stonebridge Park. Diverted to Wembley Park the Paddocks via route 224 to Brent Park Tesco’s and via route 206 to the Paddocks. An alternate way of linking Wembley with Acton.
452: withdrawn between Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury’s and Kensal Rise. Diverted to Westbourne Park via route 23. To maintain links lost by the 23 and to link Westbourne Park to Vauxhall.
460: Discontinued.
482: Extended from Southall Town Hall to Hayes Superstores via route 427 to Hayes Grapes and Coldharbour Lane. To link SOuth Road with Uxbridge Road.
483: Withdrawn between Alperton and Harrow Bus Station. Diverted to Northwick Park Hospital via Bridgewater Road, Whitton Avenue East, Whitton Avenue West, Pett’s Hill, Northolt Park, Northolt Road, South Harrow Station, Lower Road, Bessoborough Road, College Road, Headstone Road, Kymberley Road, College Road, Harrow Bus Station, via route H9 to Northwick Park Hospital.
487: Withdrawn between Alperton and South Harrow. Diverted to Harrow Bus Station via Ealing Road, Alperton Station, Wembley High Road, Park Lane, Wembley Hill Road and route 483 to Harrow. To link Central Middlesex and Harlesden with Harrow. Converted to double deck.
969: Discontinued.
E1: Extended from Greenford Broadway to Hatch End via Greenford Road, Westway Cross, Sudbury Hill Stations, Sudbury Court Drive, Watford Road, Northwick Park Hospital and route H14 to Hatch End. To link Greenford with Harrow.
E6: Withdrawn between Hayes Asda and Bulls Bridge. Extended from Greenford Station to Wood End via Oldfield Lane North, Greenford Road, Whitton Avenue West, Wood End Lane, Wood End Gardens, Wood End Close and Lilian Board Way. To link Wood End with Greenford. Converted to double deck.
H9/H10: Discontinued.
H12: Extended from South Harrow to Sudbury Town via Northolt Road, Roxeth Hill, London Road, Sudbury Hill, Clementine Churchill Hospital, Harrow Road, Sudbury Sudbury & Harrow Road Station, Bridgewater Road and Station Approach. To assist the 92, 258 and H17. To also link Harrow Road with Sudbury Town Station.
H14: Discontinued.
H17: Extended from Harrow Bus Station to Oxhey Lane via route H18 to Harrow Weald and route 182 to Oxhey Lane. Extended from Wembley Central to Northwick Park Hospital via route 223. To maintain links lost by routes 223 and H18/H19.
H18/H19: Discontinued.
H28: Extended from Bull’s Bridge to Hayes & Harlington via route E6. To maintain links lost by the E6.
U1: Extended from Ruislip to Southall Town Hall via West End Road, Ruislip Gardens, Ruislip Road, Yeading White Hart, Lady Margaret Road and route 120 to Southall. To link Southall with Ruislip and Uxbridge.
U5: Withdrawn between Stockley Park and Hayes. Diverted to Ealing Hospital via route 350 to Hayes and route 195 to Ealing Hospital. To link Hillingdon and Ealing Hospitals.
U7: Discontinued.