TfL HTTP Status Error 500



I’ve been trying for the last two weeks to try and order my 16+ Oyster card, the wesbite at varying stages of the application redirects me to the aforementioned error page, which is a server side issue, and will not allow me to further my application.

I can’t seem to find an alternate way to order a 16+ card, I called the call center who hung up on me when I raised this query, there doesn’t seem to be another complaint service so here I am on the tech forum.

Please can someone confirm whether this issue is in fact server side and how quickly it can be solved because I really don’t fancy walking to school every day (despite its innumerable health benefits).

Hope I can get some response quickly,

Best Regards,

SM. Humaid Adil
(A very tired concerned individual)


Hi Humaid,

Thanks for your email.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble going through the online application process and encountering some issues. I will look into this for you as well as the one regarding the call centre.




Hey Dave,

Thanks for the quick response, it’s much appreciated!

I again tried today to process my application and got the HTTP error when trying to log in, but this varies, sometimes it’s when Ive edited the details and uploaded a photo for the card and try to move onto payment that it gives the error, sometimes when I enter my ZIP cards number and click continue.

Thanks for your time!

Best Regards,

Humaid Adil