The API for getting the places that lie within a geographic region seems not working!

I am trying to use the API Place_GetByGeo, but it seems not working.

API: Place_GetByGeo (!/Place/Place_GetByGeo)

Request URL:

“statusCode”: 404,
“message”: “Resource not found”

Welcome @miphan

If you change to lat and placeGeo.lon to lon the call works.

You might want to scale down your radius, 5km is a very large sweep.

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I think this means that the docs on the page!/Place/Place_GetByGeo are wrong!


You should be using the docs on the new portal (, for this endpoint the docs are here:

The old docs should probably either be updated to match or be removed altogether to reduce confusion.

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Perhaps some 301 codes to the new docs, @jamesevans ?