The Mystery of the Emirates Stadium walking address

A weird bug/feature in the journey planner is giving the wrong address for Emirates Stadium.

Our app is getting the coordinates for various places from the Google Places API. It uses those coordinates for journey planner searches. This mostly works well.

When travelling to Emirates Stadium, the last walking leg of the journey says we should go to “72 Queens Crescent, Camden”. We turn onto this road off of the correct roads outside Emirates Stadium in the steps. The coordinates of the location are correct, but apparently we magically step through a portal to Camden?
Here’s an example query:,-0.1224/to/51.5548885,-0.108438?mode=overground,tube,dlr,walking&app_id={{app_id}}&app_key={{app_key}}

There is a Queensland Road just outside the Emirates… maybe some kind of lookup issue?

Do you think that might be why the Arsenal defence seems to go missing so often?

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