Timetable between two stations on elizabeth line

I am completely stumped with this one, and I’m hoping you guys can help.
I know how to call up the times between two stations on the tube, but I can’t get it to work on the new elizabeth line.
This is what I am trying for Ealing Broadway to Acton Main Line:

I’ve looked through all the docs I can find, and I think I’ve got the ‘Line/elizabeth’ and ‘mode=elizabeth-line’ right, but I’ve tried just about ever other combination of words as well… nothing works.

Does anyone have any idea what the magic words are? thanks for your help!

hi @cunir

Unfortunately we don’t support timetable lookups for Elizabeth line or London Overground due to limitations in the underlying systems. See How do I get timetable info? for more info.

As these are modes that sit within the wider national rail systems, I would suggest using the Rail Delivery Group’s open data feeds.


Oh right, thanks for the reply james (at least i can stop pulling my hair out now!)