Timetable data file

The new District Line WTT 151 hasn’t been uploaded to the timetable data files.
Do you know when this will happen?

Hi @Triumph


I can see the WTT has been updated to the website

Can you please advise which source you are looking at?



My guess is that they’re referring to either the “Journey Planner timetables” at https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/open-data-users/our-open-data, or the timetables at http://timetables.data.tfl.gov.uk/, that they say have not been updated to match the WTTs at the link you have shared (I didn’t check the dates myself)

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@arturs @Triumph

I’ve spoken to the Journey Planner team - it appears that notification of the new WTT wasn’t received.

They’ll work on incorporating this into the next data release.


Hi James

Its a couple of months now since the District timetable changed and timetable data for WTT 151 has still not been loaded as you can see here:


CUF/Working Timetables/District Line/ Jan 24th 2018, 01:34:03 pm Folder
DT149.zip Jan 24th 2018, 01:36:36 pm 920 KB ZIP file
DT150.zip Feb 12th 2020, 02:47:24 pm 266 KB ZIP file

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hi @Triumph

we’ll take another look at this.

cc @MScanlon @GerardButler

I wondered why WTT 150 was so much smaller than 149.

Answer appears to be that it only contains files for Sundays!

Hi @jamesevans the Journey Planner Team do not supply this data, it may be updated in a similar way to the London Bus Schedules. It looks not to have been updated in a while as a Temporary timetable for the Piccadilly line (South Kensington closure) is also missing

I think the tube WTTs were on the TfL website well before the bus schedule system was put in place and that required new software to be written so I doubt it is done the same way. I suppose that they could be brought within the new system in theory.

Also all live bus schedules are reloaded every week (if no always the right version!); all current files have creation date consistent with the date of the (full) upload.

The files could of course be placed in the same data bucket as the bus files, though that does not guarantee anything, given that no spider maps have been updated there for over a year.

Hi Michael,

What I meant by being similar to the bus schedules is that it is uploaded by the LUL Schedules team rather than the Journey Planner Team who update the data for JP and the API and who upload the TxC and NaPTAN files. Looking at the link provided these are shown to be CUF files which although we use for import processes we do not upload to the website.

Matthew (cc @jamesevans @GerardButler)

Thanks @MScanlon

@Triumph @mjcarchive - I think I misread the original queries. I thought the timetable wasn’t in Journey Planner data rather than in the timetables.data.tfl.gov.uk store. Someone mentioned there may be a security/privacy issue with the scheduling team uploading these. I’ll try to get a clear answer for you.


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I had not come across that data bucket. Looks like it contains tube WTs and timetable notices in csv form. How many more data buckets are there?


Hello James

Did you manage to get any further with the District WTT data?

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