Timetable data file

The new District Line WTT 151 hasn’t been uploaded to the timetable data files.
Do you know when this will happen?

Hi @Triumph


I can see the WTT has been updated to the website

Can you please advise which source you are looking at?



My guess is that they’re referring to either the “Journey Planner timetables” at https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/open-data-users/our-open-data, or the timetables at http://timetables.data.tfl.gov.uk/, that they say have not been updated to match the WTTs at the link you have shared (I didn’t check the dates myself)

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@arturs @Triumph

I’ve spoken to the Journey Planner team - it appears that notification of the new WTT wasn’t received.

They’ll work on incorporating this into the next data release.