Timetable returning odd departureStopId


I’ve been using the following call:

My aim is to build up a database of time intervals (timetable) between each stop and neighbours.
I ran through a list of various stations and their lines and in the results I have noticed that in the departureStopId (nested within the timetable section) there are some id’s that do not look like I expect. There are id’s such as:
All seem to appear on the piccadilly line.

I’m trying to discern a pattern but am struggling.
Anyone any id of what these are?

I’ve been trying to find an example of what actually created this result but am also struggling to replicate.


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Perhaps you might just want to look at the data in the Working Timetables?

Thanks for this.
This will be useful and not something I knew about.
I will use this to double check results in the db.
Unfortunately for what I intend to use the data for the api method I’ve used suits the application best.
Still really intrigued by what these id’s refer to and how they got returned.
The depatureStopId should be the same id as was used in the query itself.



OK. Could you post an example of an API call you are making so I can see what call you are making?

Thanks Brian.

It is this call:

I can’t figure out what station on the picaddily line is/are giving these funny results as I am running things in batch.
I will sit down and run each individually and see if I can replicate.