Trackernet "detailed" feed

Is anyone using the Trackernet “detailed” feed at ?

We are looking to retire this legacy feed, so access to live tube arrivals would only be available via Unified API.

This would mean the following two attributes would no longer be available:

  • LCID (the local unique number for the train originating in the signal computer)
  • TrackCode (a code indicating which track the approaching train(s) are on)

Please let me know if there are any issues with this.



Trackernet “detailed” feed is useful when you at terminus stations, because the only unified API function is “arrivals” and these don’t cover stations with only “departures” such as Edgware, High Barnet, Cockfosters, Epping, Upminster, Stratford (Jubliee), Brixton, Morden, Richmond, Heathrow Airport, Ealing Broadway, West Ruislip, Stanmore, Harrow & Wealdstone, Watford, Aldgate (Met) and Walthamstow Central.

But I’m sure you know this already.

We are using this feed because of the reasons @briantist mentioned,
as well as due to the access to the LCID attribute which we found is more reliable than the Unified API TrainId attribute which often is not unique within a given line. While we found that the LCID attribute also has its own problems (sometimes it’s zero, etc.), in combination with the TrainId attribute, in almost all cases one of the two attributes will be correct, therefore the LCID attribute is of high importance for us.
(We are not using the “TrackCode”, though.)

Due to these reasons, we are only using the Unified feed as a “fallback” feed in case the TrackerNet API is not available.


Thanks for this feedback, we’re looking at including “departures” data in the Unified API.

I passed on your list of example stations internally, and was informed that not all of those stations have departures data available, we think these ones do:

  • Cockfosters
  • Heathrow stations
  • Ealing Broadway
  • (Hammersmith)

These ones will have it available when signal upgrade is complete:

  • Watford

These ones don’t

  • Edgware
  • High Barnet
  • Epping
  • Upminster
  • Stratford (Jubilee)
  • Brixton
  • Morden
  • Richmond
  • West Ruislip
  • Stanmore
  • Harrow & Wealdstone
  • Aldgate (Met)
  • Walthamstow Central

Does this align with your experience of the data? If you have found departures data on the summary feed for any of that final list I will check internally that data is accurate.

Many thanks


@Shortcut we will ensure the LCID is available in Unified API before retiring the detailed feed


Thanks for that. From memory, when I researched it, the neon signs at Walthamstow Central (Victoria Line), Stratford (Jubilee) and High Barnet all show what appear to be correct departure information. They may be just showing the timetable, but they also seem to show the correct platform numbers and don’t show trains that have been cancelled.