TrackerNet detailed prediction endpoints for BPS & NIE non-functional

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My project consumes data from the (legacy) TrackerNet feeds, mainly using the PredictionDetailed endpoint (i.e.[station]).

Although the stations on the new spiffy Northern Line Extension seem to be mentioned in the PredictionSummary endpoint for the Northern line ( — which lets us know they have codes BPS and NIE — attempting to invoke PredictionDetailed against those station codes returns 204 No Content, similar to if the station code didn’t exist at all:


Is this something that could be rectified? Currently, I’m missing train running data for half of the NLE, since there’s no way to get train status updates once the trains go past Kennington :frowning:

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Welcome @eta

I’m going wonder why you’re not using the JSON endpoint for the as this is kept up to date and can get very easily injested and filtered.

Of course the main problem you will have is that stations near the endpoints of any TfL system don’t show outbound trains at all in the in the live data because they don’t show up until they have started to run thus having “arrivals” in their name rather than the more usual “departures”.

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The Unified API isn’t a complete 1-for-1 replacement for TrackerNet, with TrackerNet providing some other data like the track codes and LCIDs, which I know eta uses in their project.

Yet these stations always still appear in TrackerNet, and you can also see arrivals going towards the terminus too.

@eta I imagine asking @jamesevans is likely to be the best bet on getting an answer to this, though I imagine the reason for them missing might have something to do with the fact that TfL has been considering getting rid of the PredictionDetailed endpoint on TrackerNet for a while now (:cry:) and so might just not be bothered to update it.