Tram platform names at Wimbledon station - not 10a or 10b as expected


The arrivals api is returning a mixture of platform names for arrivals of trams at Wimbledon station. There are two platforms for trams at Wimbledon: 10a and 10b, and the destination boards there now show ‘10a’ or ‘10b’ alongside the expected trams.

The StopPoint … Arrivals api however is returning different names for the platforms, depending on the destination.

I used

(plus my app_id and app_key)

and, if the destinationName is Wimbledon I get Westbound - Platform 1, or 2

if the destinationName is New Addington or Elmers End, I get Eastbound - Platform 1 or 2.


hi @wade

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll take a look at the dataset for Wimbledon.

Bug reference: SVC-4167

Technical Service Operations


I’ve chased the error through to the source data we receive from the Tram operator. I’ve queried if they can correct this issue regarding Wimbledon station.