Tram stop API calls returning no data


Arrivals info for tram stops isn’t returning any data. I thought at first my API credentials had been deactivated for some reason, but other calls, such a Stop Point query work ok.

As a comparison, a bus stop arrivals call like this : City Thameslink Stn / Ludgate Circus (Stop F)

gives results, but for a tram stop - (Wimbledon)

gives []

The tramstop display boards were upgraded earlier this week, is this related?


working now - it wasn’t last night or this morning

is there an API status api to check whether the service is up?


Apologies @wade - I missed this thread.

I think there was an issue with your call - the A in arrivals was not capitalised.

Your link for Wimbledon still returns an empty response, however, returns a full response.

Regards to API status check, it’s something I’m looking into, but when we do know of issues affecting data in the API, we’ll try to update this forum for now.

James Evans
Technology Service Operations