Trams - Unified API vs Countdown API

As I write this at approx. 19:00 30/12, tram 2558 is appearing in the Countdown API but not in the Unified API? We have it’s last appearance in the Unified API at approx. 18:03 this evening.


hi @SJCooper

We’re currently powering tram predictions using the data provided to us from the Tram Management System (TMS) that is not related to Countdown.

I know there were conversations over the year about installing iBus (iTram?) on them so maybe this was a test device or something. I know that we don’t have the mapping of the mode in the Countdown processing to surface tram predictions from Countdown at present.

I’ll try speaking to my colleagues in London Trams and find out what the plan is.


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Thanks James. Sorry for the delay in replying. The tram Countdown tram data only seems to be from the newer, Variobahn, batch of trams of which I’ve only seen seven of the twelve in the Countdown data though (since I’ve been taking note of such things in the last few weeks).
The other thing is that the Unified feed only gives ‘tram’ as the LineID / LineName whereas the Countdown API gives T1 - T3 to match the services operated.