Transport for London services - measured train noise levels Zones 1&2

As I thought that the items that I read in papers over the last few weeks were incorrect and incomplete, I’ve created a data-set called “Transport for London services - measured train noise levels Zones 1&2”. Of course there is an “alternative tube map” of the data collected, using green/blue/red to show the loudest sections. This is similar in idea to the “tunnels” official tube map.

(PDF version of the map)

You can access the raw data from this Excel spreadsheet -!AvylRSGUkXTWvlJnFUbvDcHhb7xR

The data was collected on a Chromebook using the Decibel X PRO - Sound Meter dBA, Noise Detector app,

For each train I sat in the centre of the middle carriage. I travelled to every zone 1 and zone 2 stations out, plus more of the Central and Victoria.

So … would it be possible to include this data in the Journey Planner?

I note that this issue was in the papers yesterday.

I’ve updated my dataset (same link) to have most of the station on the tube map, just missing the eastern end of the District Line and the TfL Rail.

the PDF is here -

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Another 43 datapoints done. 11 or so left (Richmond to Turnham Green, Acton Town to Rayners Lane)

the PDF is here -