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Hello from Citymapper (again)!

Is there TfL documentation explaining how TransXChange works specifically for TfL? We find TransXChange very difficult to understand, which is not helped by the available online resources, which are quite broad and limited. Thank you!

If the documentation is internal, happy to chat via email about it.

The main TfL structures is decoded using this starting point

but this works on the gov.uk buses as well.

The longest bit of code is the bit to decode the free-form day-of-weeks!

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Hi there,

I’m not aware of any TfL-specific documentation for our TransXChange data, which should conform to the schema that briantist posted information about.

However, you’re more than welcome to ask us specific questions (as you have been doing) and we’ll try to answer them.

(cc @SarahLS)

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Hi @LeonByford , I’m asking as I’m trying to understand how OperatingPeriod and SpecialDaysofOperation connect to each other for one route, when the TT for one route is split in two files. Specifically, I am trying to find if the trips for that route are in the data for the ‘night’ the two TTs connect or if the trips are missing from the data for that ‘night’ → example in this post

also @briantist - thanks once again for all this knowledge sharing. That PDF will be a fun read, hopefully it will bring answers to the secrets of TxC!

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Hi, I have sent you a reply regarding that specific query in your other topic.

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