Tube and National Rail Strikes - July 2023

Our Strikes page has now been updated with full information about the planned strike action on London Underground (and national rail service) in July.

Main points:

• Due to planned strike action, severe disruption is expected across the London Underground network between 23 and 29 July. With little or no service expected between Tuesday 25 and Friday 28 July.

• There will be no Night Tube services running over night, Friday 28 July.

• Buses, DLR, London Overground, Night Overground, Elizabeth line, Tram services and the IFS Cloud Cable Car are not on strike but some DLR, London Overground, including night services and Elizabeth line services may be affected by station closures where stations also serve London Underground lines. Please see Status Updates.

• Customers who need to travel are advised that remaining services and roads will be extremely busy if this strike action goes ahead. Plan ahead, check before you travel, and allow extra time to complete your journey.

• There are also national rail strikes on 20. 22 and 29 July, which may affect some District line, London Overground, Elizabeth line and Tram services.

• We are continuing to talk with Trade Unions to discuss the issues and seek a resolution

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Hi @SarahLS , Nick here from Citymapper :wave: thank you for the update! Got 3 questions regarding the strike:

  1. Can you confirm that these are the expected levels of services :point_down:

Sun 23: Finish early, by 19:00
Mon 24: good service
Tue 25: little to no service
Wed 26: no service
Thu 27: little to no service
Fri 28: no service
Sat 29: late start

  1. According to some news, ‘different grades and sections of the Tube (will be) taking action on different days’. Does this mean that on, for example Sunday,only part of the Tube network would be on strike?

  2. Any chance it might get called off?

Thank you!

Hi all,

More detailed info relating to Tube strikes 23-29 July 2023 has been added to our Strikes page:

  • Sunday 23 July: Tube services will close early. Complete your journey by 19:00
  • Monday 24 July: good service expected by late morning
  • Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 July: little or no Tube service running across London Underground
  • Wednesday 26 and Friday 28 July: no Tube service expected, including Night Tube
  • Saturday 29 July: Tube services start later than normal - good service by midday

Any further details will be added to Status Updates, Journey Planner and Unified API data will be updated to reflect this.

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Hi Nick, please see below - some more information was added to the Strikes page:

Regarding 2 & 3 - nothing has been confirmed on this.

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Looks like this was cancelled?

The London Underground strikes for next week have now been cancelled.
Please see post: Tube strike next week - CANCELLED!