Tube exit and entrance informatioin

Hello to you all.

I am trying to determine if I am able to get tube entrance and exit information that I can use to help a traveller who is following the journey planner planned route and has completed part to the journey by tube and needs to then continue at street level by bus or. on foot. Is there anything in the API that will allow me to guide the user to the best exit.

Also at the moment I have not been able to work out the best way to reliably identify entrances that are no longer used at specific stations (i.e. permanently closed exit or entrance). I got the stop data file from here I thought the last column Status indicates whether an entrance is in use or not but that does not seem to be the case. As an example somebody who uses Golders green (GG) station tells me there is a dis-used entrance at that station but all entries in this file for GG are marked as active. My adventure with the Unified APi is just beginning, I would very much appreciate your kind help.

Welcome @YJay

Ok, if you look at which is the code for Golders Green you can see the entrance information in there

I’m going to guess that this is more accurate and up to date than some dead file from the DFT.

Every point in the system has a very accurate GPS (but with no hights) so it’s quite possible to create list of waypoints to follow.

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Thank you so very much. This is very helpful. Trying to find my way around the API and ecosystem but make sure I don’t go down the wrong rabbit hole.

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Actually the TfL API is generally well done (I’m not keen on the endless “$type” in the output) so it’s generally possible to find things in constant places.

I presume you’ve found the APIs: List - Transport for London - API list?