Tube replacement bus data?

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Interesting to hear that Cardiff are sending their RRBS data to the London Data Store. That’s yet another source of information I was previously unaware of, so thatk’s for that tip too.

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That’s a bit odd. The national endpoint for UK-wide bus data is

public const WHEREAMIUK = "";

and is updated every day (and is also full of less compliance with the specifications).

Love the pretend mistaking of the football team in Cardiff for the buses. At least the topic is not being relegated…


And neither are the mighty Bluebirds :slight_smile:

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Almost on cue, UL34, UL44 and UL44 changed identities last weekend, becoming replacements for the Met Line beyond Northwood. UL34 to Watford, UL44 to Chesham via Amersham and UL39 a shuttle between Moor Park and Northwood. They previously represented replacements for the North London Line or Bakerloo.

The new identities could be for one weekend only, of course!

I did wonder if UL01 - UL99 was enough to assign a unique number to all possible tube replacement routes. Seems not if they have to re-use/reassign.

Have determined that some apps do show live Countdown data for RRBs, but most do not.

‘Bus Checker’ from UrbanThings shows a particular stop accomodates the ULxx but never shows any arrival times (not for either format route name e.g. UL30 nor DL5).

‘Buses Due’, from Lama Apps, strangely doesn’t list any RRB route IDs for a stop, but does show live arrival data. So e.g. Fulham Broadway Station (74211) is listed as accomodating only 14, 211 and 414, but showed live data for DL-5 when it was running a few weekends ago.

The ULxx and PL / DL route numbers come from the LineID and LineName fields in the Countdown data but I can’t recall which is which.

We only report what the Countdown data tells us or has told us.

I’ve passed the route number mapping issues over to LVF’s creator, Brian.


Part of the LVF admin team.

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